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Egyptian Montenegrin Actress Tara Emad Dazzles In Recent Cartier Images

French luxury brand Cartier recently showcased its ambassador, Tara Emad, a prominent Egyptian Montenegrin model and actress, adorned with exquisite jewelry from their Clash de Cartier collection and Trinity line. The label praised Tara's daring style, pairing the edgy spiked studs of Clash de Cartier with the fluid bands of Cartier Trinity. The brand shared a series of stunning images of Tara donning these statement pieces on their official Instagram page.


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In addition to the earrings and ring, Tara was seen sporting three iconic Cartier bangles and a gold necklace, creating a chic and glamorous ensemble. The photos received significant attention from her fans and celebrity friends, including renowned makeup artist Aya Abdelhamid, who shared Tara's images on their social media stories.

Tara Emad's strong bond with Cartier is evident, with a long-standing relationship between the actress and the luxury brand. In March, she graced the runway in Dubai for a Cartier fashion show, elegantly dressed in a black mermaid gown adorned with dazzling jewelry, capturing everyone's attention. The fashion event also featured other notable personalities, including Saudi actress and filmmaker Fatima Al-Banawi, Egyptian star Yousra, Lebanese actress Razane Jammal, Tunisian actor Dhaffer L’Abidine, Egyptian Tunisian actress Hend Sabri, Emirati host Anas Bukhash, French Algerian filmmaker Farida Khelfa, and Somali model Rawdah Mohamed.

Further, in April, Tara starred in a captivating Cartier campaign with other brand ambassadors such as Sabri, L’Abidine, and Egyptian actor Ahmed Malek. In a promotional video shared on the brand's social media channels, they aimed to define the term "simplicity." Tara expressed her perspective, describing it as not complex or confusing but rather ordinary yet precious.

During an interview with Arab News, Tara reminisced about her early career as a model, which began at the age of 14. She made clear how much she enjoyed being in front of the camera and how at ease she was. Early on she displayed enthusiasm for posing and being photographed, relishing the opportunity to step into different roles and experience various lives through her acting, finding it daring and beautifully demanding.

Tara Emad's captivating presence, both on and off the screen, continues to make her a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment world, as evidenced by her association with the prestigious Cartier brand and her flourishing acting career in notable productions like "Bait El-Ruby," "Suits," and "El-Matareed."

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