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Promoting Overall Wellbeing In Alkhobar Through Yoga

Yasmeen Al-Dossary is a multi-talented individual with expertise in yoga, entrepreneurship, and wellness. Her journey began with a transformative trip to India, where she learned the foundational aspects of yoga, inspiring her to establish YAS Studio in Alkhobar upon her return.

Back in 2018, Al-Dossary sought wellness spaces in Alkhobar but found none, prompting her to take matters into her own hands and create opportunities for others to explore wellness. Thus, YAS Studio was born, driven by her vision to foster a caring and encouraging atmosphere for her clients. As the CEO and lead yoga instructor, she considers herself not only a business owner but also a mentor and guide on the path to holistic health.

During her time in Goa, India in 2019, Al-Dossary's understanding of yoga deepened, and she experienced its profound mental-physical connection. Her training at Sampoorna Yoga exposed her to a vibrant group of yogis from diverse backgrounds who all shared a love of yoga and helped to create a feeling of community among them. This experience left a lasting impact on her, shaping the vision for YAS Studio.

Her studio now offers a range of yoga classes to the Saudi community, including Hatha yoga for foundational strength, Ashtanga yoga for a dynamic sequence, Yin yoga for meditative stretches, and restorative yoga for balance and relaxation. According to Al-Dossary, yoga encourages attention, stamina, and inner serenity, making it suitable for practitioners of all skill levels and interests.

For Al-Dossary, wellness is a holistic concept that encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. She advocates finding balance in all facets of life through activity, eating well, mindfulness exercises, and interpersonal relationships. Recognizing that the journey to wellness is unique for each individual, she emphasizes the importance of honoring individuality and practicing patience throughout the process.

Over the past six years, the YAS Studio community has flourished, becoming a melting pot of empowering women. More than just a yoga studio, it has evolved into a sanctuary for holistic wellness, providing a supportive and nurturing space for all. The community's response has been extremely positive, and clients have expressed gratitude for the welcoming environment and noted notable improvements in their physical and mental wellbeing. Yasmeen Al-Dossary's YAS Studio continues to serve as a beacon of wellness, making a positive impact on the lives of many.

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