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Check Out This Unique Online Platform Promoting Lebanese Artists

Meet Elfan!

Driven by her lifelong passion for art, Fabienne Touma, a graduate from ICART Paris with an MBA in Cultural Engineering, has combined her love for photography, drawing, and performing arts. Her diverse range of knowledge and experiences working with French artists led her to develop ELFAN, the first online platform dedicated to promoting Lebanese artists worldwide.

Given Lebanon's current challenging situation, local artists are suffering on many levels. Although Lebanese artists, both residing in Lebanon and abroad, are emerging with remarkable talent, they often lack the necessary exposure to reach a wider audience. This is where Elfan comes in hand. The platform introduces a diverse community of art forms, including street art, painting, photography, tattoos, prints, and soon expanding into the world of performing arts. Based in Paris, Fabienne Touma manages Elfan, facilitating exhibitions, hosting discussions, and conducting live presentations for Lebanese artists both abroad and in Lebanon. Additionally, she is currently working on short one-on-one reportages with the artists, providing them with a platform to introduce themselves, share the stories behind their artistic work, and delve into their creative process.


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Curious about the process of integrating with Elfan, I asked Fabienne for insights. She explained, "I reach out to artists and present Elfan to them, but there are also artists who approach me to be a part of the platform. I conduct interviews with them to establish a connection, explore their extensive body of work, and what's truly wonderful is that each artist is unique and actively involved in the art scene. I ensure that the selected artists are Lebanese and emerging talents to optimize their experience on Elfan. They all share a common desire to communicate their voices and stories through their art, which is something that unites them on this platform."

Elfan serves as a portal, guiding users to explore the profiles and portfolios of the artists themselves, providing an immersive experience into their world. Rooted in a genuine love for art and a commitment to showcasing the diverse Lebanese community of artists, Elfan is truly an unparalleled platform.


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You can get updates regarding Elfan and stay in touch with Fabienne Touma on Instagram- here is the handle.

Explore Elfan's website.

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