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Welcome Nature into Your Space with these Three Indoor Plants

Most people living in high temperature cities such as Dubai or Riyadh know that one cannot really go a full year (in the summer especially) without turning on the air-condition.

If you don’t think you have a green thumb, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have greenery in your living space. There are many advantages to having plants in a home, better air quality, calmness of mind and positive energy. Not only do they enhance the décor and ambiance of your home but also bring life to your indoor surroundings.

Here are three plants that are well suited for the indoor climate you introduce them to and will thrive effortlessly under your love and care.

A tip before starting:
It is essential to remember not to place the plants directly in front or right underneath the air-conditioned vents.

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Snake Plant

The Snake plant stands out as a favorite low maintenance houseplant. It has a remarkable ability to withstand drought and purifying the air of your space, making it an ideal choice for any environment, ensuring a hassle-free and thriving indoor green companion. A distinguishing feature of the Snake lant lies in its sword shaped, upright leaves. The latter showcase a range of colors and patterns that differ according to the varieties of Snake plants.

It also does not need much sunlight to sustain and is only meant to be watered once a week, or until the soil it’s in is fully dry. You can verify that factor by plunging one of your fingers in the soil. If you feel it is a bit wet, then you can wait before watering it.

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Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a popular indoor plant, quite friendly and easy to take care of. It has a very lovely name and can reach 60 centimeters to 1 meter of height expansion. Its lush green leaves and delicate white flowers are truly beautiful and fascinating as they sustain very well on their own. This plant should be placed in a corner that is not too dim but making sure no direct sunlight is facing it. You can also take advantage of its air purifying properties to improve the indoor air quality.

You should water the plant one or two times throughout the week, depending on if it’s in a cool or hot environment. But it’s worth noting that it can sustain a while without watering before it starts giving you signs of decay. It is safe to say that the Peace Lily adds a touch of charm and vibrancy to your space.

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Monstera Plant

The funny appellation “Swiss cheese plant” originates from the distinctive holes and splits that emerge on the leaves of the Monstera plant as it matures. These voids are believed to serve a purpose in the plant’s natural habitat, enabling the leaves to endure heavy rainfall and strong winds, thereby minimizing the risk of being damaged. This asset makes the plant truly adaptable to its environment and thrives for growth. Monsteras plants generally prefer a moist soil, therefore it would be good to check up on it more often. So, with diligent watering and care it will flourish and continue to grow, blossoming into an even more stunning and present plant.

The Monstera plant may need to be transferred in a bigger pot at a certain point as it would like a larger space to develop knowing that they could reach two meters and more. Monsteras possess a remarkable ability to fill a room and give it a cozy ambiance. It makes the space feel incredibly pleasing and comforting.

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