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Meet These Arab Female Adventurers Beating A New Hiking Record

A new milestone in their friendship.

Saudi Haya Al-Samari and Kuwaiti Fai Al-Omran, close friends known for their love of adventure in the Gulf region, are embarking on a transformative journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Their aim is to inspire others and establish Arab women as trailblazers in the world of adventure.

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a challenging 4,265 km hike from Mexico to Canada, taking around five to six months. It passes through twenty-six national forests, seven national parks, five state parks, and thirty-three federally protected wilderness areas. They aim to cover 32 km daily and finish by late September or early October.

Passing through California, Oregon, and Washington, the PCT is the second-longest of the Triple Crown long trails. Al-Samari and Al-Omran will face various challenges as they traverse diverse landscapes, ranging from snow-capped mountains to sweltering deserts, including the high route via the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges.

Starting on April 1st at the Campo Trail near the US-Mexico border, Al-Samari (@mykindoffridays) and Al-Omran (@laughwithfai) are sharing their adventure on Instagram. With 63,000 and 11,000 followers respectively, they provide glimpses into their trail experience, including accommodations, meals, and breathtaking encounters with nature.

Before starting their PCT quest, the duo received immense support from friends and family. While this is their first thru-hike together, they have undertaken several long journeys over the past seven years. Al-Samari expressed her long-held dream of hiking the PCT and found a willing partner in Al-Omran, who is always game for a challenge.

Al-Samari, an experienced hiker and extreme sports enthusiast, appreciates the mental and physical challenges that hiking offers. The Pacific Crest Trail, with its demanding nature and long-term commitment, offers a singular experience that necessitates a total mental adjustment. Al-Omran, who loves the outdoors and the natural world, sees thru-hiking as an opportunity to advance her pastime and forge deeper relationships with the natural environment.

Preparation for the trail involved thorough research, seeking hiker advice, and physical training. However, heavy snowfall led to trail closures, presenting challenges. Al-Omran highlighted the significant obstacle of snowy weather, requiring them to wait for safer conditions to resume their journey.

Haya Al-Samari, Saudi adventurer

When asked about highlights, Al-Samari eagerly mentioned the Sierra Nevada section, renowned for its remote, high-altitude terrain, snowy landscapes, rivers, and wildlife encounters. Conversely, Al-Omran anticipated the unique experience of the high desert before the Sierra region, a terrain she has yet to explore, with great anticipation.

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