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This Grandma’s Transformations Keep Blowing Our Minds Away

Thanks ‘Glam-ma’, you’re constantly reminding us there aren’t any age limits when it comes to beauty.

Livia Mulac

Ever since Tea Flego’s sensational makeover video, which saw her grandma Livia Mulac transform into a ‘Glam-ma’ went viral, we haven’t been able to get enough of the cute Croatian duo. That’s because Flego, a professional make-up artist and 81-year-old Mulac, have seriously been taking makeovers to the next level.

 Their sweet story started years ago when Flego, who always knew she wanted to be a make-up whizz, would frequently rely on her grandma as a model so she could practise make-up techniques. “My Granny was always my model,” Flego told Buzzfeed. “She always loved make-up and it was not a problem for her.” Then when the 33-year-old posted a makeover video and pictures on Facebook last year, they were an instant hit.  Urged by her friends, Flego opened an Instagram page, and her grandma’s astounding new looks made waves all over the globe. Even one of the world’s most renowned figures in beauty, Dubai-based Huda Kattan, re-posted a video on her Instagram account, helping to boost the page’s popularity.


Octogenarian Mulac, who has five children, 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, has been flattered by all the attention. As well as having a proud family, her friends in her nursing home call her a star, plus she has warmed hearts everywhere. "How beautiful it is to travel the whole world and not to set a step away from my nursing home," Mulac told ABC News. According to Flego, apart from the make-up transformations, Mulac is quite the typical grandma. "She is the kind of grandma that was and is modern... She likes to joke, she is really kind and friendly, and recognises beautiful stuff," she told Buzzfeed.


 The video that started it all saw the talented make-up artist, who is from Pula, use some next-level contouring to full advantage. She highlighted and shaded Mulac’s face for a smoother and more distinct complexion. She also drew on some eyebrows, which her grandma didn’t have, with shades of brown and used lip liner and a bold lipstick to define Mulac’s lips. Some statement false eyelashes were also used for the transformation. Flego told ABC News her grandma’s favourite part was “blurring her wrinkles.” While the ‘Glam-Ma’ embraces the stage she is in, she feels you’re never too old for a new look. As Flego explained to Buzzfeed, "She is not ashamed of her wrinkles and age. But she says, ‘Why wouldn’t I go to the nursing home ball with full make-up and look 30 years younger?’"


The Instagram page Make-up By Tea Flego, which is followed by 146,000 people, is certainly inspiring to Mulac’s contemporaries as well as people of all ages all over the world. It’s definitely worth checking for the newest videos and jaw-dropping before and after pictures.





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