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Saudi Jazz Sensation Loulwa Al-Sharif Enthralls Audiences With Her Captivating Performances

Loulwa Al-Sharif, a jazz singer hailing from Saudi Arabia, captivates audiences with her enchanting voice, making a distinctive mark in the realm of jazz music. Her performances of renowned jazz tunes such as "What a Wonderful World," "Comes Love," "I'll Be Seeing You," and "My Funny Valentine" bring immense delight to listeners.

In May, Al-Sharif joined forces with the Jazzdotorg band from New York for their inaugural performance in Saudi Arabia. The Ithra Centre in Dhahran hosted the wonderful evening. Reflecting on the experience, Al-Sharif expressed her newfound sense of purpose and her desire to promote Saudi jazz globally.

Al-Sharif's journey in music began when she was five years old, when she recognized her stage presence and fell in love with dancing and moving to music. As she grew older, she nurtured her singing skills, teaching herself the art of singing. Singing became a source of solace for her after the sudden loss of her father at the age of 24. Al-Sharif believes that her father, who was a musician himself, would be proud of her accomplishments.

Initially singing in Arabic, Al-Sharif transitioned to English music at the age of 23 with the help of an underground music band called Disturb the Balance in Jeddah. She started with alternative rock and later delved into blues and jazz, finding that these genres resonated with her and felt natural.

For Al-Sharif, singing is a healing experience and a way to express her emotions and pain. She appreciates the expressive nature of singing, considering it more profound than playing an instrument. Although she initially felt limited by her inability to play the piano, she now collaborates with talented musicians and enjoys sharing energy and creating art with kindred souls.

Al-Sharif took part in a "Arabs Got Talent" episode in 2019 to obtain more performance experience and get over her stage fright. She has since performed on a number of stages, including MDLBeast, the Saudi International Golf Tournament at KAEC, and occasions in AlUla, Ithra, and King Abdullah Sports City.

Al-Sharif is working with friends and writers to write fresh tunes as she tries to break down the hurdles to composing heartfelt music. She wants to write music that has a strong emotional impact on her listeners.

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