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Meet Amal Al Marri And Deem Al Bassam, Founders Of The Independent Food Company

In 2013, Amal Al Marri and Deem Al Bassam, entrepreneurs from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, set out to make their mark in the food and beverage industry. Their innovative thinking led to the creation of SALT, a social media sensation housed in the iconic Airstream trailer, which continued to thrive even after the initial hype faded.

Prior to their F&B venture, Al Marri and Al Bassam had worked together in the art and design field. They reject the notion that F&B is tougher for women. Al Marri acknowledges job challenges but believes extensive experience can hinder business acumen. She values fresh approaches to food over repetitive patterns.

Amal Al Marri, a creative designer and event planner, discovered her love for gastronomy after graduating from Zayed University in 2013. Despite her background in interior design, Al Marri, along with her friend and food entrepreneur Deem Al Bassam, embarked on a remarkable journey in the culinary world. Together, they introduced a revolutionary food movement that left a lasting impact on those who experienced it. SALT, the UAE's first renowned food truck, emerged as a lifestyle brand that aimed to redefine people's perception of food. SALT's culinary style focused on rustic dishes made with simple yet high-quality ingredients, bursting with vibrant flavors. Through their popular #findsalt campaign on social media, SALT gained immense popularity and quickly became a sought-after dining destination in the region. Today, SALT has established permanent locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman, solidifying its position in the food scene.

Deem Al Bassam, a Saudi Arabian native, began her culinary journey in 2008 with the opening of the Switch restaurant in Bahrain. Recognizing market opportunities, Al Bassam followed her passion by creating visually stunning and delectable dishes. Her goal was to showcase a cuisine with an Arab focus that would gain global recognition. Building on the success of Switch, Al Bassam joined forces with her friend Amal Al Marri in 2013 to launch SALT, the pop-up dining sensation that garnered international acclaim. Armed with a marketing degree from the American University of Dubai, Al Bassam constantly reinvents herself to stay ahead of market trends, fostering an environment filled with enthusiasm and vigor for enjoyable conversations and exceptional cuisine.

The duo, under Independent Food Company, built an empire with multiple brands like Parkers, Switch, and Grind. They turned the pandemic into a positive by launching delivery services. With operations in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and collaborations with global brands, such as Fenty and Farfetch, their potential knows no bounds. 

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