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Revolutionize Your Undereye Makeup With Huda Beauty's Newest #FAUXFILTER Color Correctors

Color correcting, a makeup step often overlooked and misunderstood, is about to revolutionize your beauty routine. Huda Beauty's latest creation, the #FAUXFILTER Color Correctors, promises to effortlessly even and brighten your undereye, transforming your makeup game with just a few simple strokes.

Recognizing the need for an easy and effective solution to address undereye discoloration, Huda Kattan, the visionary behind Huda Beauty, was determined to create a product that would adhere to the philosophy she learned in makeup school. According to Huda, "a corrector should be so good that when you put it on your skin, it should make whatever you're trying to correct disappear."

The #FAUXFILTER Color Correctors boast a creamy, comfortable, and sheer formula that works wonders on the undereye area. Infused with a brightening cocktail of actives, these correctors help soften pigmentation and brighten the under-eye area. With a crease, sweat, and transfer-proof finish, they ensure a flawless look throughout the day.

Traditionally, color correcting involved using bright colors like green and purple to neutralize unwanted discoloration. However, Huda Beauty's peachy-pink shades take a fresh approach. These tones cancel out darkness and pigmentation, providing a blank canvas for other complexion products to work their magic. With five shades available—Pink Pomelo, Peach, Mango, Papaya, and Blood Orange—there's a perfect match for every skin tone.

Building upon the success of their renowned #FAUXFILTER Concealer formula, Huda Beauty created a lightweight formula for the Color Correctors. With increased brightness and decreased coverage, this easy-to-use formula enhances without feeling heavy or burdensome. Moreover, it contains powerful actives like vitamin C and niacinamide that contribute to improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation over time.

To apply the #FAUXFILTER Color Correctors, simply use the angled doe-foot applicator to dot a small amount onto the undereye or any areas of pigmentation or discoloration. Gently blend the product for a soft, even, and corrected base. Thanks to its seamless blending capabilities, the lightweight formula pairs flawlessly with other complexion products, further softening pigmentation and enhancing coverage.

If you're a fan of high-impact makeup, Huda has some hacks for you. For maximum correction, she suggests applying foundation and concealer on top of the correctors. Additionally, feel free to experiment with different shades to neutralize specific areas of your face. Huda personally uses both Peach and Mango in different areas to achieve her desired look. And remember, using a brush for blending will intensify the corrective effect.

The #FAUXFILTER Color Correctors have garnered immense love from beauty enthusiasts for several reasons. Their easy application and blendability, coupled with the infusion of niacinamide and vitamin C, make them a must-have in your beauty arsenal. Whether you want to brighten dark circles or even out discoloration, these correctors offer a crease, sweat, and transfer-proof solution. Moreover, the smooth and lightweight formula, available in five shades, caters to all skin tones.

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