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Enthralling Escape Rooms Are Must-Visit Experiences In Saudi Arabia

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Embark on an exhilarating quest at Saudi Arabia's escape rooms. Collaborate, decipher enigmas, unveil secrets, and experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

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Upon entering Escape KSA, you'll be captivated by the enigmatic ambiance, with its neon signs, dim lighting, and black interiors. Get ready to immerse yourself in two virtual reality challenges or choose from four live-action escape rooms, making it Riyadh's premier and futuristic escape room destination.

  • From SAR180 per person
  • Open daily 4pm-midnight
  • Takhasussi St, The Zone Mall, Gate 2, riyadh
  • (0501148585)
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The Last Hour

Experience The Interview Room in The Last Hour, an 80-minute challenge for up to 11 participants. Collaborate to solve puzzles, with limited choices determining your destiny. For daring pirates, The Last Hour also presents The Pirates, a 60-minute adventure to recover Aztec treasure.

  • From SAR120 per person
  • Open daily 4pm-midnight
  • Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd, Al Wadi
  • (0570973006)
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Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Ahaji's escape rooms, inspired by beloved Arab characters like Uncle Saleh and his mysterious chamber. Choose from pyramids or Ward 23 to challenge your team of up to six friends. Investigate detective Haytham's demise in an immersive Arabic-themed game, making it a standout experience and one of Riyadh's premier escape room destinations.

  • From SAR91 per person
  • Open daily 5pm-1am
  • Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd, An Narjis
  • (011 277 4299)
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Escape the Room

Escape the Room, the largest of its kind in the Middle East, offers an exhilarating real-life adventure with seven unique rooms: Saw II, Lost in Time, The Prison, Mafia Kingdom, Z-Virus, Nightmare, and The Bank Job. Brace yourself for immersive experiences, such as receiving a suitcase from real hands in Mafia Kingdom or encountering additional scares from actors in Saw II. It's no wonder this is one of Riyadh's top escape room attractions, where excitement intensifies with each passing minute.

  • From SAR138 per person
  • Open daily 1pm-11pm
  • King Abdulaziz Rd, Riyadh
  • (050809911)
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Planet X: Game Over

Embrace your role and prepare for a thrilling experience in three movie-inspired rooms. In The Philosopher's Stone, wizards and witches work together to retrieve the stone and combat darkness. Survive the zombie-infested Walking Death and unravel clues to capture Jack the Ripper. After escaping, continue the adventure at Planet X's exciting amusement arcades.

  • From SAR180 per person
  • Open daily 4pm-midnight
  • Takhasussi St. The Zone Mall, Gate 2, Riyadh
  • (0501148585)

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