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6 Fearless Female Arab Refugee Activists Making a Difference On World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day, we honor the resilience and strength of female Arab refugee activists who have risen above adversity to become powerful voices for change. These remarkable women inspire us with their determination to advocate for refugee rights and make a positive impact in their communities. At, we’re highlighting the achievements of these female Arab refugee activists and recognize their invaluable contributions on World Refugee Day.

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Sarah Mardini

Sarah Mardini, a Syrian refugee and swimming champion, gained international attention when she helped save lives while crossing the Aegean Sea. Her commitment to refugee rights has led her to become an influential advocate, using her platform to raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugees globally.

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Nujeen Mustafa

Nujeen Mustafa, a Syrian refugee with cerebral palsy, became an advocate for disabled refugees after her remarkable journey to seek safety in Europe. Through her activism, Mustafa raises awareness about the unique challenges faced by disabled refugees, striving for their inclusion and equal access to education, healthcare, and opportunities.

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Laila Hachem

Laila Hachem, a Lebanese refugee and women's rights activist, works tirelessly to empower refugee women. As the co-founder of an organization that provides training and support for female refugees, Hachem advocates for gender equality, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency, fostering resilience and hope among vulnerable communities

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Reem Al-Nawass

Reem Al-Nawass, a Palestinian-Syrian refugee, is passionate about ensuring quality education for refugee children. As the founder of an educational initiative, Al-Nawass strives to provide educational opportunities and support to displaced youth, believing in the transformative power of education in rebuilding lives and communities.

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Maryam Al-Khawaja

Maryam Al-Khawaja, a Bahraini-Danish human rights activist and refugee, fearlessly advocates for justice and human rights in the face of persecution. Through her work, Al-Khawaja sheds light on human rights abuses, particularly in Bahrain, empowering refugees and vulnerable communities to assert their rights and demand accountability.

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Noura Ghazi Safadi

Noura Ghazi Safadi, a Syrian refugee and human rights advocate, has dedicated her efforts to seeking justice for Syrian detainees and exposing the brutality of the Syrian regime. Safadi's work amplifies the voices of those who have been silenced, shedding light on the plight of political prisoners and advocating for their release.

These inspiring female Arab refugee activists demonstrate the immense strength, resilience, and determination of refugees around the world. Through their unwavering commitment to advocating for refugee rights, they inspire us all to stand in solidarity with displaced communities, challenge the status quo, and work towards a more inclusive and compassionate world on World Refugee Day and every day.

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