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Eid Al Adha Gift Guide: Mindful Gifts for Loved Ones

Eid Al Adha is a joyous occasion and a time for reflection, gratitude and spending quality time with family. It is also a time to bring happiness by showing love and appreciation to loved ones and what better way to do this by treating them or yourself to some stylish gifts that are also environment friendly?

Up-fuse is a slow fashion, eco-conscious brand that creates products using only recycled materials with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint. From a variety of bags and wallets to cardholders and footwear, every product from Up-fuse is unique, one-of-a-kind. With the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays, Up-fuse’s array of products are a great addition for short trips or getaways.

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Lolita Multi-Way in Broccoli | AED 217.60

The Lolita Multi-Way in Broccoli is your new best friend for pleasant and fun adventures and trips during the long Eid Al Adha break. A chic addition to the wardrobe, the bag can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn as a cross body bag, shoulder bag or even a clutch. It is made out of 15 upcycled plastic bags and features an attachable strap, handle, outer zipper and inner pocket.

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Lolita Multi-Way in “Monopoly” | AED 217.60

The Lolita Multi-way in the “Monopoly” design features vibrant pops of colour that are ideal to carry on tropical adventures, park visits, brunches, and more. It can be dressed up or dressed down and worn as a shoulder bag, cross body or even a clutch.

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Festival Waist Bag in White Confetti | AED 198.49

For those who love to be on the go and be hands-free during fun trips, Up-fuse’s Festival Waist Bag is an ideal pick to carry essentials conveniently and in style. Flaunting a White Confetti print, the bag offers a sleek look. It is made out of 20 recycled plastic bags to minimize the ecological footprint and comes with an inner pocket and a zipper, an outer pocket and features a used seat belt as a strap.

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Zip N Go Bum Bag in White Confetti | AED 159.79

This compact multi-way bag is perfect for those who are looking for a go-to bag for every purpose, whether it is to carry important documents while travelling or casual trips with friends. The Zip N Go bag comes with a thick strap that can be attached in two ways and can be worn creatively as a cross bag, shoulder bag or as a bum bag. It is made with 2-5 recycled plastic bags, recycled plastic, and cotton canvas and comes in the classic White Confetti print.

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Cardholder in Cherry Bomb | AED 51.94

Up-fuse’s classic cardholder “Cherry Bomb” features a unique elastic design and is made from 2-5 recycled plastic bags.

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Friday Bum Bag in Blue Azure | AED 217.60

The Fri-day Bum Bag in the “Blue Azure” design, is a playful addition to the wardrobe and promises to elevate any outfit and add a fun touch. It’s designed with a rounded shape and no edges to give off a casual vibe that fits the everyday look and is perfect for carrying everyday essentials.

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Passport Holder in Blues Confetti | AED 98.91

Add a sustainable touch to your travels with Up-fuse’s passport holders that are created using 7-10 recycled plastic bags. The passport holder in the “Blues Confetti” design keeps the passport safe along with money, pen, boarding pass and credit cards. It features one inner zipper, three inner pockets, elastic pen strap and an outer elastic band.

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Small Wallet in Sprinkles | AED 106.82

Up-fuse’s Small Wallet in Sprinkles is compact and boasts a fun, one-of-a-kind pattern to store all essential financial belongings. It is made out of 3-5 plastic bags and comes with a strap that can be attached for convenience and or can also be used without the strap. It also has 8 card compartments and a zipper for coins.

For more information or to shop Up-fuse products, please visit the website.

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