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Fatema Alawadhi Recounts Unforgettable Experience at Taif Rose Festival

Journeying into the breathtaking landscapes of Taif, Saudi Arabia, the Third Taif Rose Festival transported visitors to a world of unparalleled sensory adventures.

The event, an ode to the region's renowned roses, is organized by the Ministry of Culture, from April 21 to May 5, and hosts several interactive workshops, floral and fragrant events, and performances. Renowned as the foremost producer of rose fragrances in the Middle East, Taif boasts approximately 900 farms that yield over 300 million blooms annually between the months of March and April.

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At the heart of it all was Kuwaiti fashion maven Fatema Alawadhi. Here, the fashion blogger and boutique owner shares her insights on the pursuit of the ideal fragrance, and recounts her extraordinary encounter at the Third Taif Rose Festival.

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What was it like being so immersed in the Taif world of perfumery?

It was a revelation. Exploring unfamiliar fragrances and learning about the intricate creation process gave me a deep appreciation for the often-underappreciated labour. Everything from the meticulously chosen ingredients to the labour-intensive process has been nothing short of exceptional.

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What were you most excited about?

It was all so very enjoyable. I think, for me, realizing that we possess such a versatile flower fills me with pride. Its distinct fragrance has the potential to revolutionize the industry – a fact we should all embrace.

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Got any tips for finding your ideal scent?

Absolutely! When it comes to picking a fragrance, I've always found that tapping into cherished memories associated with scents is the best guide. Whether it's the earthy scent of rain or the cozy aroma of a crackling fireplace, these nostalgic triggers can work like a compass. Trust your nose and let those memories lead the way.

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What is your favourite flower?

Undoubtedly, the rose.

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What were some key takeaways for you, from the Taif Rose Festival?

Oh, there were some incredible lessons. One major takeaway was that natural ingredients can pack just as much punch as their synthetic counterparts. It was a fantastic reminder of the incredible wonders that Mother Nature has in store for us. The festival truly showcased the power of harnessing the beauty of the natural world.

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Safe to say we’ll be seeing you back here next year?

Oh, of course! I absolutely loved every minute of it! The festival was a true delight, and it offered an incredible platform to showcase the extraordinary Taif Rose to the international perfume community. This flower has an allure that knows no limits, and its potential is simply breathtaking. It was an unforgettable experience that left me in awe.

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