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Saudi Pathologist Weaves A Colorful World With Crochet

Marya Al-Sunbul, a Saudi speech-language pathologist, has gained recognition for her unique talent in crafting dolls tailored for children with special hearing needs. While her passion for art ignited during her early years through drawing and painting, her career initially followed a different course.

Al-Sunbul reminisced that during that time, most artists either became art teachers or struggled to find employment. Consequently, she chose the medical path, pursuing speech-language pathology, and abandoned her artistic pursuits.

After her father's passing, Al-Sunbul reevaluated her life, asking herself why she shouldn't pursue her passions. This event sparked a desire to return to what she loved and fulfill her dreams.

Reigniting her love for painting, Al-Sunbul participated in an art workshop with Saudi artist Zaman Jassim. However, she felt disconnected, realizing that painting no longer reflected her true passion.

Driven by an affinity for handcrafted items and her love of color and making things by hand Al-Sunbul delved into the art of crochet. Inspired by intricate crocheted shawls adorned with vibrant flowers, she resolved not to purchase them but to create her own.

Al-Sunbul found that crocheting was a never-ending world of discovery, and each new method captured her attention. She devoured information with eagerness, anxiously anticipating learning the next skill.

Al-Sunbul discovered herself studying six or seven different methods at once while immersed in the delightful world of crochet. She claimed that the experience took her to another realm where the colors radiated pure joy.

During her exploration, she encountered amigurumi, a Japanese crochet method used to craft stuffed dolls and animals. Although more intricate and demanding, Al-Sunbul relished the challenge.

To enhance her skills further and learn specific styles that impart a drawn appearance to the dolls, she enrolled in an online course. Al-Sunbul frequently makes dolls by hand for her young patients in her capacity as a speech-language pathologist.

Beyond her therapeutic work, Al-Sunbul creates customized dolls for clients across the Kingdom, incorporating macrame, a knotting technique, into her creations. Currently, she is diligently working to expand her collection of crocheted items and dolls for an upcoming exhibition.

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