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Diriyah Company And Saudi Fashion Label Join Forces On A Collection Inspired By The Kingdom

Diriyah Company, along with its unwavering commitment to showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has embarked on a unique collaboration with the renowned Saudi fashion label Ramzen, founded by the visionary Saudi designer Abdulrahman Al-Romaizan. This exciting partnership seeks to nurture local talent and fuel the creative flames burning within the kingdom’s fashion industry.

In a display of artistic collaboration, Ramzen will unveil an exclusive collection of evening wear, designed to captivate both men and women, drawing inspiration from the enchanting allure of Diriyah, aptly known as The City of Earth. The garments, carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, will be a testament to the rich tapestry of Diriyah's heritage.

Jerry Inzerillo, the Group CEO of Diriyah Company, expressed his delight at joining forces with Ramzen and its exceptionally talented founder. He emphasized that this collaboration signifies a “profound dedication to showcasing the multifaceted cultural identity of the Kingdom,” whilst also fostering the growth and prosperity of the fashion industry within the flourishing city of Diriyah.

Moreover, as a testament to the seamless fusion of creativity and commerce, a ready-to-wear collection, inspired by the ethereal pieces presented during the show, will be made available to fashion enthusiasts as a limited capsule collection.

For Al-Romaizan, a visionary known for pushing the boundaries of Saudi fashion, this collaboration with Diriyah Company holds great significance. He believes that showcasing his exquisite designs within a city of profound historical importance, one that embraces modernity and innovation, and will be an extraordinary opportunity make a mark on the cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia.

As Saudi Arabia's fashion sector continues to flourish, this partnership will hopefully strengthen the country's position as a hub of style and creativity. With an enchanting art and fashion show scheduled for early October 2023, both Diriyah Company and Ramzen anticipate captivating their audiences with an inspiring display of artistic “prowess, elegance, and ingenuity.”

Diriyah, a city steeped in a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, effortlessly intertwines tradition and innovation. It stands as a testament to the first Saudi state, founded in 1727 by Imam Muhammad bin Saud, who recognized its profound potential as a power base, the initial capital of government, and a thriving center of scientific and social progress.

This collaboration between Diriyah Company and Ramzen is poised to ignite the imaginations of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, paying homage to the cultural legacy of Saudi Arabia while propelling its fashion industry to new heights of creative expression and global recognition.

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