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Shein Launches Exclusive Eid Collection In Collaboration With Noha Nabil In The Middle East

Global online fashion retailer SHEIN is pleased to announce the launch of their exclusive Eid Al Adha collection in the Middle East -  “SHEIN X Noha Collection”, in collaboration with popular Kuwaiti influencer Noha Nabil.

Through this valuable collaboration, there is no better occasion than Eid Al Adha to inspire the customers of the Middle East with so many key pieces carefully curated by the fashionista.

SHEIN X Noha Eid 2023 Collection centers around three main themesBlooming Garden, Natural Summertime and EID Gathering.

The collection will be available online in the Middle East on May 29th.

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Blooming Garden

No matter how trends change, floral prints from the old- time wardrobe remain timeless. For Arab women, the revival of the nostalgic emotions delivering upcoming summer fuses natural elements with memories. To present a full bloom that binds the season’s teaching of evolving and embracing life, creating a wardrobe of a healing holiday atmosphere for busy urban citizens. The Symphony of Flowers series creates a sense of romance in midsummer through elements such as blooming flowers, large clusters of flowers and elegant chiffon, and bright colors.

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Natural Summertime

The Natural Summer series focuses on natural and semi-natural materials, including cotton, cotton linen, linen and rayon. The series aims to provide Arab women with skin-friendly and comfortable summer items, and through the extensive use of everyone’s favorite fabrics, breathable, soft and naturally breezy, it embraces the free spirit of summertime, travel and the effortless sophistication of the Arab women who wear it.

The joyful and pastel color palette is reminiscent of an escapism through its bright nature; it reminds the breeze blows on the beach, expressing a sense of positivity, ease and style, while celebrating of the start of summer.

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EID Gathering

Middle Eastern women need the perfect outfits for different party occasions. The Summer Gathering series has the right credentials for giving you infinite options and gorgeous styles to sparkle, featuring elegant materials such as lace, mesh, satin and silk.

The pieces within the collaboration combine modern yet chic looks, through light summer party and one-shoulder dresses. Gorgeous silhouettes, dreamy colors, and classic sophistication create a balance between a vivacious elegance and a dainty feminine essence to make an impact during special occasions.

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