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Saudi Artist Establishes Carpet-Painting Business Through Creativity And Dedication

Saudi artist Raghda Turkistani has found her creative outlet by painting images and calligraphy on carpets, turning it into a thriving business. Her careful attention to detail on priceless Persian and Arabian carpets has garnered recognition for its unique and vibrant designs.

Turkistani, a mother of three with a psychology background, not only pursued her artistic passion but also encouraged her children to engage in art, recognizing its positive impact on mental well-being. She believes that having a creative hobby generates energy and renews her passion.

Starting with printing on various materials, Turkistani's focus shifted to carpets as businesses sought out her customized designs. Utilizing her skills as a social media manager, she promoted her art through platforms like TikTok and Instagram, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her creative process.

Supported by her husband, who was her first advocate in the social media world, Turkistani managed her business alongside her paying job and raising her children. She cherished the excitement of receiving her first order and witnessing the growth of her follower count, serving as a reminder to persevere during challenging times.

While Turkistani's work mainly involves personalized carpets, she also received unusual requests like writing humorous phrases on doormats. Additionally, she empowers others to start their own businesses by teaching them the techniques of printing on carpets and doormats. Her students, often fellow mothers or young women seeking to embark on their own projects, can participate in online or face-to-face sessions to learn about the equipment, software, and printing processes.

Offering valuable advice, Turkistani emphasizes the importance of not letting one's circumstances determine their course in life. She encourages individuals to follow their hobbies and aspirations because the present time offers a wealth of prospects for company startups. Everyone deserves to feel the thrill of realizing their artistic dreams, and age or family should not be obstacles in the way of starting their own project or business.

Raghda Turkistani's journey exemplifies the transformative power of embracing one's creativity and the ability to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Through her artwork and entrepreneurial spirit, she continues to leave a lasting impact in the world of art and business.

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