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Experience The Captivating "Blur of The Wells" Exhibition At AlUla Gallery

The ATHR gallery's inaugural exhibition, "Blur of The Wells," held at AlUla Gallery in Jeddah, draws its inspiration from the symbolism of water wells and their reflection of the cyclical nature of drought and decline in our own lives. Curated by Nour Gary, this outstanding exhibition, which will be accessible to the general public until mid-June, features the creations of renowned artists from Saudi Arabia's contemporary art scene.

Gary explains that the exhibition serves as a tribute to the vital role wells played in the development of societies, particularly in this region. He emphasizes the importance of wells by explaining how maintaining access to groundwater requires ongoing maintenance and drilling deeper. By immersing themselves in this exhibition, visitors are invited to witness the narrative of transformation—where wells, once plagued by deterioration and abandonment, experience a rebirth, signifying the wealth of knowledge and information they contain.

Moreover, the exhibition celebrates the innate natural heritage of the region, prompting a deeper connection with the land. The gallery's vision goes beyond the exhibition by attempting to encourage a sense of return for artists who have finished regional initiatives or internships in AlUla and by introducing renowned Saudi artists to this amazing location. Situated amidst AlUla's ancient rock formations, beneath the relentless blaze of the sun, the gallery space offers a setting suitable to reflection, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the profound study of works by experienced artists.

Among the notable contributors are Ahmed Mater, whose recent exhibit "Ashab Al-Lal" captivated audiences at the AlUla Arts Festival, as well as Mohammed Al-Faraj, Daniah Al-Saleh, Sara Abdu, Zahrah Alghamdi, and Dana Awartani, among others. Their artworks collectively offer a testament to the depth and diversity of artistic expression in Saudi Arabia. ATHR AlUla stands as the third branch of the ATHR gallery, following its original establishment in Jeddah back in 2009 and the subsequent branch at JAX in Riyadh. This expansion further solidifies the gallery's commitment to promoting contemporary art and providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and creativity to diverse audiences.

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