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Must See: Amazing Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition To Happen in Riyadh

The Ministry of Culture is preparing to host the second installment of the Scripts and Calligraphy exhibition, which aims to showcase the importance of Arabic calligraphy as an essential element of Arab culture and identity. Scheduled to take place in Riyadh from 11th of June to 2nd of September at the Irqah Hospital, followed by a move to Madinah from 15th of October to 23rd of December at the Madinah Arts Center.

This year's exhibition will be centered around the theme "Paths to the Soul." It will delve into the spiritual aspects of calligraphy and its profound impact on the Arab and Islamic world. The exhibition will explore this theme through four subthemes: Light, letter, space, and poetry.

Each subtheme will be presented as a dedicated section within the exhibition, delving into the thoughts and techniques employed by calligraphers, contemporary designers, and artists. Additionally, the exhibition will consider the emotions evoked by Arabic calligraphy. The renowned architects and scenographers Jean-Paul Boulanger, Margo Renisio, and Tang Tu have been tasked with designing the Scripts and Calligraphy exhibition.

The event will feature the works of 53 calligraphers and contemporary artists hailing from 12 countries, including 16 from Saudi Arabia. Alongside the commissioned artworks, the exhibition will showcase a diverse range of Islamic artworks and rare manuscripts sourced from the permanent collection of the Saudi Ministry of Culture. Notably, unique pieces on loan from the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, the National Heritage Institute in Tunis, and private collectors across the region will also be displayed.

Demonstrating its commitment to preserving Arabic calligraphy as a cherished facet of the Kingdom's cultural heritage, the ministry has initiated various programs and initiatives, other than this event. The Ministry of Culture previously organized the inaugural Scripts and Calligraphy exhibition, titled "A Timeless Journey," at the National Museum in Riyadh in 2021. This exhibition explored the historical roots and development of Arabic calligraphy, taking visitors on a captivating journey through time. It also explored the intriguing relationship between calligraphy and artificial intelligence.

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