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Saudi Designer Honayda Talks Representation Ahead of Jordan’s Royal Wedding

Happening in a couple of days, the crown prince of Jordan Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II is going to be wed to Saudi national Rajwa Al Saif. This highly anticipated royal wedding will be happening on the 1st of June and is expected to be one of the biggest of royal celebrations of 2023.

The fashion is expected to be off the charts and we cannot wait to see what everyone is wearing, including all the A-listers and royalty from all over the world. However, something we want to talk about today is the stunning dress Rajwa Al Saif wore to the henna party hosted by Queen Rania herself.

Honayda Serafi, Saudi Arabian designer talk about the moment she received the news, “When I first got the call, I was extremely happy and proud to be part of this exceptional and historical moment. What I am especially proud of is communicating the love story between the crown prince and Rajwa in the design itself.”

She continued on to explain what the brief was, “She wanted to wear something very modest and something from Saudi Arabian culture, but with a modern twist. She wanted the piece to be very elegant, and she also wanted it to be white. The thobe is known for its long sleeves. They’re so long, the sleeves become the veil of the bride’s dress,” said Serafi. Serafi continues to explain about the color of the dress, and why it was chosen, “The white color usually symbolizes purity and elegance. And there is a beautiful meaning to a bride wearing white. However, the henna dress is not really known to be white. So, this is a modern and new take.”

The Saudi designer continues to talk about the inspiring symbolism behind the dress, “My intention behind designing this dress was to document the eternal love and the history of the royal wedding. And, of course, I have used traditional threads and it is all hand embroidered.”

She adds, “This is a big moment for the brand to be part of such a historical (event). It is such an honor and I feel that I’m very, very proud to represent Saudi designers, as well as to communicate to the new generation how to not only honor Saudi Arabia’s historical identity and heritage, but to express it in a modern way.”

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