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GLOSSIC, the Middle East's Newest Beauty Sensation is Here

Elevating your beauty routine to a whole new level of glamour

Born from the vision of Founder and Creative Director, Sahar Zarghamian, GLOSSIC is a vegan, cruelty-free, natural beauty brand from the Middle East with a mission to empower women to look good, feel good, and simply sparkle - guilt-free. Powered by a love for nature, GLOSSIC is dedicated to presenting high-quality, exceptional beauty products at the best value.

On a mission to set new standards in the beauty industry, GLOSSIC ensures that only the finest ingredients are carefully selected for the production of its unique products, ingredients so fresh they may as well be considered homemade. The brand’s team travels far and wide, working closely with scientists to ensure all products are safe from unpleasant chemicals, and as close as they can be to nature.


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GLOSSIC’s debut collection represents the finest in new-era beauty products, featuring makeup and body care products that can be used independently or combined for a confident and comfortable sensation.

By presenting natural and safe product ranges, GLOSSIC strives to empower customers to feel at peace with the world and themselves, said Founder and Creative Director, Sahar Zarghamian. “Each GLOSSIC product is carefully created to deliver a unique feeling of luxury while retaining a classic appeal, making it the perfect beauty accessory for individuals with diverse tastes, interests, and pastimes. We meticulously designed each GLOSSIC product with one aim - to ensure customers feel truly comfortable in their bodies as they let their inner glow shine. With GLOSSIC, we invite customers to embrace a glam look.” she continued.


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GLOSSIC's vision extends beyond creating luxurious cosmetics; it aims to elevate the beauty routines of women to a whole new level of chic charm while staying true to its core values of quality, vegan, cruelty-free products and maintaining the highest working standards for its dedicated workforce. Each product crafted by GLOSSIC exudes elegance and sophistication, reflecting their passion for life's finer things.

The arrival of GLOSSIC in the Middle East is an invitation for everyone to experience the pinnacle of glam beauty and indulge in a world of refined aesthetics.

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