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A New Permanent Art Show Draws Inspiration From AlUla's Natural Splendor

To commemorate International Day for Biodiversity, an art exhibition titled "Blooming Murals" was inaugurated on Monday, showcasing the diverse flora and fauna of AlUla.

The exhibition, held at Cloud7 Residence, features the captivating artwork of six talented Saudi artists. Each artist has meticulously crafted a mural adorned with vibrant flowers, lush foliage, and majestic trees, incorporating local cultural elements such as traditional weaving patterns, engravings, and glyphs.

Among the esteemed contributors is Abdulaziz Arafah, an art teacher at the Madac International Academy renowned for his skillful fusion of expressionism and impressionism, reflecting the essence of Saudi culture. Ohood Abutwimh, a graduate of the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, brings her mastery of color theory inspired by nature to the exhibit. Having worked on various mural projects in AlUla, Amal Alenzi, specializing in oil painting, also showcases her talent and expertise. Raghad Arafah honours the rich history and peaceful cohabitation of her city with the natural world by utilizing geometric patterns and cutting-edge forms.

The final two contributors, Ghdeer Alnjdi and Ashwaq Abuhusain, bring their unique artistic styles to "Blooming Murals." Ghdeer Alnjdi, recognized for her expansive canvases and wall murals, astounds viewers with her fine artistry. Ashwaq Abuhusain, a graduate of the Prince's School, impresses with artistic creations displayed throughout AlUla.

The "Blooming Murals" exhibition is a permanent fixture at Cloud7 Residence, serving as an important part of the establishment's programme to support an independent ecology and artistic community.

Kerten Hospitality, in collaboration with the Royal Commission for AlUla and AlUla Development Co., manages and runs the Cloud7 Residence. A wide range of hospitality services are included in Kerten Hospitality, including hotels, homes, serviced apartments, workplaces, dining establishments, and wellness centers. Kerten Hospitality seeks to alter environments and foster creativity via regional partnerships and cutting-edge methods.

International Day for Biodiversity is an annual observance dedicated to exploring humanity's connection with the natural world and encouraging sustainable practices. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and appreciating the rich biodiversity that exists within our ecosystems. The "Blooming Murals" exhibition beautifully merges art and nature, providing an immersive experience that celebrates the intricate interplay between culture, environment, and creativity.

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