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Environmentally-Conscious Saudis Embrace Thrift Shopping

The popularity of thrift shopping is surging in Saudi Arabia, with more eco-conscious consumers adopting the practice. Besides offering cost savings, thrift shopping supports sustainability. Although relatively new in the Kingdom, thrift stores are rapidly gaining traction as a way to resell unwanted secondhand items at reduced prices. Popular during the 1960s and 1980s, thrift stores are renowned for accepting donated items like clothing, furniture, toys, decor, books, and electronics. In Saudi Arabia, thrift shopping has gained momentum, particularly among the tech-savvy younger generation, through social media platforms. The stores often contribute their proceeds to charities and nonprofits.

For instance, Faris Al-Manea, a 22-year-old, established the virtual Monochrome thrift shop after noticing the demand for discontinued or vintage clothing. He aimed to challenge the prevailing mentality that considers owning or buying secondhand items taboo. His shop offers a variety of items, including clothing, books, vinyl records, old video games, and collectible anime figurines.

Thrift shopping goes beyond saving money. It promotes a cashless society, encourages recycling and upcycling of clothes, fosters a reading culture by repurposing old books, and reduces waste. Al-Manea even opened a separate store just for used books in order to meet the demand. Shopping secondhand not only benefits individuals but also contributes to community development by channeling funds to local charities and businesses. Furthermore, embracing smarter and greener fashion choices is seen as a way to promote more conscious consumption patterns and challenge prevailing trends.

Additional virtual thrift shops like @thrifty_jeddah and also offer pre-owned clothing choices.

Furthermore, you can explore @angelic.thrift.uae, @fashion_rerun, @izsavintage,, @shopretold,, @garageluxefashion, @snobbyhobby, @the.fashionary, @indulge_in_preowned, and @chicbeirut for a diverse range of vintage and luxury apparel and accessories, both online and in-store. Some of these shops host pop-up events at various locations, while others serve as ideal destinations for purchasing and selling high-end clothing. Before scheduling an appointment, ensure your items are in excellent condition. Their professional team manages photography, marketing, and sales, and a commission is deducted from the final selling price. Fashion lovers have an abundant array of exquisite items at their disposal. These stylish pieces possess the ability to enhance and elevate any ensemble.

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