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Prominent Arab Women Inspiring Future Leaders

The Most Influential Arab Women in Government in the MENA region have made remarkable strides in shaping policy, advocating for social justice, and promoting women's empowerment. Their leadership has shattered glass ceilings, inspiring a new generation of female leaders. And in the realm of family business, women have propelled their enterprises to great success, challenging gender norms and leaving an indelible mark on the region's business landscape.

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Raja Easa Al Gurg

Al Gurg is the CEO of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, which consists of 27 dynamic companies. She makes history as the first Emirati woman to serve on the board of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited and as president of the Dubai Business Women Council, which empowers female entrepreneurship.

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Lubna Olayan

Olayan is the CEO of Olayan Financing and a prominent figure in the Middle East's wealthiest family. Her recent endeavors include co-chairing the inaugural Saudi-U.S. CEO Forum, fostering bilateral commerce, and contemplating issuing equity shares to diversify the Saudi economy. She furthers her dedication to social advancement by employing 540 women and empowering women in Saudi Arabia.

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Mona Almoayyed

Almoayyed, Managing Director of YK Almoayyed & Sons, leads a prestigious business representing 300 international brands. Noteworthy achievements include being the first female on a publicly traded company board in Bahrain and chairing Ebdaa Bank, supporting women's self-employment. She is one of Forbes' 100 Most Influential Arab Women in the Middle East for her active support of women's empowerment, child care, and world peace.

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Fatima Al Jaber

As the COO of Al Jaber Group, Al Jaber manages a workforce of 50,000 and assets worth $5 billion. With a successful career in the Abu Dhabi government, she leads prominent construction projects and advocates for women's empowerment. She has received recognition and holds key positions in a number of organizations.

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Aisha Almana

Aisha, the founder of Al-Khalijiah Development Company, pioneered the first women-led company in Saudi Arabia. It sought to empower women by concentrating on computer training for women and researching women in the workplace. Aisha's accomplishments also include being Saudi Arabia's first female hospital director. With a background in sociology, she brings valuable expertise to her endeavors.

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Deema Sukhtian

Deemah, the Managing Director of Munir Sukhtian Group Company, has successfully run the family business in Jordan. With a presence in over 25 countries, she has been recognized as the 65th most powerful woman in the Middle East by Forbes.

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Amna BinHendi

The daughter of UAE billionaire MohiDin BinHendi took over as CEO of BinHendi Enterprises at the age of 27. The fashion company has prospered under her leadership, extending its franchise portfolio in the area and establishing additional jewellery stores. The esteemed Forbes Arabia List listed her accomplishments.

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