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Queen Rania Hosts Henna Celebration For Saudi Bride-To-Be Ahead Of Royal Wedding

Jordan’s Queen Rania hosted a magnificent henna celebration in honor of Rajwa Al-Saif, the future daughter-in-law of Saudi Arabia, on Monday evening. Al-Saif, who is all set to tie the knot with Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II on 1st June 2023 in Amman, dazzled the attendees in a resplendent white-and-gold gown designed by Saudi fashion maven Honayda Serafi.

Captivating photographs captured the radiant bride-to-be standing alongside Queen Rania and other esteemed members of the Jordanian royal family, depicting a regal scene of elegance and opulence. The henna ceremony is a prelude to the impending royal wedding, and was graced not only by the presence of the royal family and Al-Saif’s kin, but also attended by a distinguished gathering of individuals from Jordan's diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Queen Rania took to social media earlier on Monday to share a video that showcased the preparations for the henna party. The footage exhibited a multitude of women engrossed in various tasks, from intricately crafting macramé decorations and embellished details to meticulously preparing the ceremonial henna paste. The queen expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in making the celebrations truly extraordinary, conveying her blessings to the happy couple through a caption accompanying the video.

In a separate announcement, the Royal Hashemite Court shared that Crown Prince Hussein had his own pre-wedding festivities the previous week, joining his military comrades from the 40th King Hussein bin Talal Royal Armored Brigade for an evening of celebration and merriment. The event saw the prince alongside his brother, Prince Hashem bin Abdullah II, and witnessed singing and dancing, and heartfelt speeches.

Last August, the engagement of Crown Prince Hussein and Al-Saif was officially declared during an official ceremony in Riyadh. The occasion was attended by the presence of King Abdullah, Queen Rania, and Al-Saif’s family. While the Royal Hashemite Court has refrained from revealing comprehensive details regarding Al-Saif’s future role as a working member of the Jordanian royal family, it is widely anticipated that she will follow in the footsteps of her esteemed mother-in-law, Queen Rania, and emerge as a prominent philanthropic figure, first as the crown princess and eventually as queen.

As the wedding day approaches, anticipation and curiosity is mounting, not only within the royal households but also among the people of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The union of Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Al-Saif signifies not only a merging of two families but also a symbolic connection between the two nations. The forthcoming wedding is to be an event of grandeur and magnificence. The love and support extended by Queen Rania and the entire Jordanian royal family serve as a testament to the enduring bonds of friendship and camaraderie shared between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. 

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