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What's New: 8 Saudi Brands To Have On Your Radar This Summer

New season means shopping. No one ever said that, but we are declaring it as of now. We did a bit of research, asked some fashion-forward friends, even tried some ourselves, to present to you the ultimate list of homegrown Saudi brands you need to take a look at this summer. Some are fresh brands on the fashion scene, which makes this even more exciting!

We know how versatile and diverse our readership is, so we’ve combined various styles. From streetwear to ultra-luxe, check out your new wardrobe.

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Starting off strong with a new player on the scene, Risk. Their concept is based on fun, edgy streetwear with a message. You will find most of their items have a message on them from “Life’s a risk” to “Very Proud”. Risk also has some graphic tees that would be perfect with baggy jeans, if you’re into that nonchalant, effortlessly cool look.

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4AG Clothing

Saudi designers have been killing it this season with streetwear, and this time we have our eyes on 4AG Clothing. You will find the coolest t-shirts at this place with amazing graphics. They have created their lines so that these items are truly timeless and can be dressed up with a denim skirts and some boots, or dressed down with your favorite pairs of sweatpants.

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Summer is almost here and that means trendy beachwear season is upon us. Lameach is a Saudi born brand that has been founded in Jeddah, and they offer cute sarongs that could be worn as dresses or pareos. They have many various prints to suit your taste, so you can pick and choose at your heart’s desire. Also, don’t worry, we know how beachwear can sometimes have a thin material, Lameach’s quality is excellent!

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Botanic Label

They state: Luxe basics. Statement classics. Playful fit outs – and they were not joking. Botanic Label offers a timeless pieces for the classic, luxurious woman who still likes to have fun from time to time. The fabric is truly outstanding, and the colors are beautiful for the summer. You can wear the pieces as an abaya, kaftan, cover up, the options are endless! It’s up to you and your creativity.

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La Suna

Vibrant, fresh, and inviting; this is how we would describe this Saudi brand. Once you take a look at their collections, you’ll want to book your next flight out as soon as possible. Stunning prints that vary from tops to swimwear, their items are a delight to the eye. They also have great summer sets that are just so easy to put on, but still offer something fun and different.

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Galag Collection

Another streetwear brand, Galag is a Saudi fashion brand that literally describes the soul of contemporary fashion with a laid-back vibe. From relaxed silhouettes to minimalist designs, they portray a blend of tradition and modernity. Some of their hoodies have Arabic calligraphy on them as an ode to their roots, while other silhouettes offer unique style and various colors to choose from.

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Combining modern style with a touch of cultural heritage, Kaafmeem is a Saudi brand that is offering customers a take on fashion-forward abayas. Kaafmeem’s deisgners wanted to embrace traditional elements, such as the detailed embroidery and the rich fabrics, while inspiring them with modern silhouettes and trends. Everything is handmade to perfection and is meant to reflect the season. For the summer you’ll be able to find gorgeous colors, and light, airy fabrics.

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By People

The only accessory brand on this list, but it was something we had to add because we have never seen this level of stunning craftmanship. By People specializes in products for both men and women, and it is inspired by the designers’ visits around the kingdom. All the items are made by Teak wood, camel leather, custom brass accessories, and each piece took around 5-10 days to be completed. They are currently getting ready for another collection so that have stopped producing, but there are still some items available on their webitse. Hurry, before they sell out!

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