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Must Visit Space Exhibitions To Be Held in Major Saudi Cities

As part of its ongoing series of amazing events, The Saudi Space Commission has launched an incredible sequence of exhibitions that are going to be held in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. This is all happening in link to Saudi Arabia's launching the landmark mission to space.

Spanning from the 21st of May to the 2nd of June, the highly awaited “Saudi Toward Space” events were created for the purpose of giving visitors a breathtaking experience of experiencing space and the inner workings of the cosmos.

These exhibitions aim to nurture a sense of curiosity and scientific interest among the younger visitors. They also have specific areas that portray the noteworthy feats achieved by Saudi Arabia.

Virtual reality games is a other part of the exhibition that people are most excited for. As through these games you will be transported to the galactic universe, and you can even experience the weightlessness of being an astronaut in space.

To fully get immersed into what an astronaut might go through, the exhibitions also have training sessions to test your bravery and discover if you are up to the challenges you might face out there.

In addition to that, workshops and information sessions will be held to be provide young aspiring astronauts an opportunity to dig deeper into the working of space exploration.

The Saudi Toward Space exhibitions embody a momentous breakthrough for Saudi Arabia. Through these events, KSA is showing its pledge to evolving scientific exploration. It is also allowing both citizens and residents to be able to experience firsthand what a trip through space would be like, in hopes of sparking some curiosity in little minds, that would soon be tremendous space explorers.

In Riyadh, the exhibition is happening on King Fahad Road, across from King Abdullah Financial District. In Jeddah, it will be held at Al Asdaf Plaza and in Dhahran, at Ithra of course. The coolest thing about it all? All entries are free of charge, to be able to provide this amazing experience to all people, without any constraint.

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