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Princess Haifa Discusses Importance of Collaboration To Reach the UN 2030 Agenda

Princess Haifa recently attended the 216th session of the UNESCO Program and the most resonating statement she had was this, “The world needs to take collective action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda which include combating poverty, the provision of clean water and ending famine.”

The royal emphasized the dire need for counties on a global scale to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. For those who are not familiar, these goals include many objectives that ideally must be achieved for sustainable prosperity. Many of which include: Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Good Health and Well0being, Quality Education, and more.

Princess Haifa’s role is the permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO. She also holds the position of Chair of the World Heritage Committee.

During the council, she highlighted many crucial things which mainly include uniting efforts particularly during our unprecedented times of unfortunate events such as wars and pandemics.

One of the other things she emphasized was providing support to countries that are most in need, such as those contending with poverty, lack of access to clean water, and famine.

Moreover, Princess Haifa commended the agenda put forth by the Executive Council during the 216th session of the UNESCO Program, recognizing its assurance to tackling these demanding global issues.

Another aspect that Princess Haifa stressed was the responsibility of member states in realizing the vocation of UNESCO through the Program and External Relations Commission.

This program necessitates countries to keenly partake and add to the joint efforts to accomplish UNESCO's goals. By pulling together the supplies, expertise, proficiency and influence, UNESCO can make considerable advancement in tackling global challenges such as lack of food, unclean water, poverty and more.

In conclusion, Princess Haifa’s call to the rest of the member states was that of a humane call. A call that encourages global cooperation to help solve pressing issues laid out by the agenda. With rigorous efforts being exercised by resourceful nations, the world, as a whole, can be able to heal towards a more equitable future.

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