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TOi, The Groundbreaking Emirati Jewellery Brand, Shines At Cannes

Aisha BinHendi's earrings were seen on the red carpet at the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival, marking a significant milestone for the Emirati fine jewellery line, Toi. Urvashi Rautela, an Indian actress, and Sasha Ray, a Ukrainian singer, proudly showcased pieces from the Dubai-based designer's brand, becoming the first to do so at such a prestigious event.

Toi, which translates to "you" in French, aptly represents the essence of its jewellery collections. Aisha BinHendi, the visionary behind the brand, aims to imbue each piece with the belief that the wearer is as exceptional as the jewellery itself.

While the red carpet shimmered with the brilliance of these jewels, the true star of the night is Aisha BinHendi. Her unwavering dedication has proven that homegrown talents like Toi have a rightful place on the global stage, shattering barriers for other Emirati designers aspiring to reach new heights.

Aisha BinHendi, the founder of Toi Jewellery, embarked on her journey driven by a passion for creating distinctive pieces. Growing up in a family with refined tastes, she had the privilege of accompanying them to renowned jewellery exhibitions worldwide, notably the esteemed Basel exhibition in Switzerland, where industry pioneers congregated.

Her childhood experiences fueled her imagination, envisioning one-of-a-kind designs that eventually led her to establish her own brand. Her desire was to manifest the unique ideas in her mind into exquisite jewellery, characterized by impeccable craftsmanship. Aisha BinHendi has worked diligently to demonstrate that Emirati women can rival international brands and produce innovative local products. With this vision in mind, she launched "Toi" jewellery, an ode to women, introducing exclusive pieces for discerning individuals.

The jewellery she crafts incorporates 18 karat gold and diamonds of exceptional quality, boasting clarity in the "VS" grade and a "G" color grade. A distinguishing feature of her collection is the captivating "Sparkle," representing beauty and distinction. Alongside various collections sharing these traits, Aisha BinHendi presents the "Twa M Wa" collection, allowing customers to personalize jewellery with letters forming names. Furthermore, her unique creations under the "In the Heart" series, including masterpieces like "Abu Dhabi in the Heart" and "Dubai in the Heart," feature diamonds and pearls in a style that exudes uniqueness and distinction.

Aisha BinHendi's collections have garnered widespread popularity, with her participation in esteemed international exhibitions like Paris Fashion Week, where she showcased her exceptional creations.

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