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Shahad Geoffrey, The Saudi Innovator Transforming The Way We Do Retail

It all started when Shahad Geoffrey was organizing a family vacation to Hawaii, and she came to realization that she didn't have enough time to buy clothes for the trip. When she started researching personal-shopping services online, she gathered that there was lack of this kind of service in her region. Equipped with ideas, she returned to Saudi Arabia to fulfill that market gap.

She created Taffi, a platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI) that delivers individualized styling services, was launched in collaboration with her cofounder Pradeep Bisht.

The major purpose behind that platform is to make personal style more available to a larger audience and improve the the online purchasing experience, while debunking the myth that it is just for the rich.

The way the platform works is that it combines algorithms and human stylists to offer shoppable looks straight from partner stores such as Ounass and Farfetch.

You start off by completing a survey in which you enter your measurements, pictures, clothing style, and budget. Taffi then proceeds to choose photographs that help the system generate your unique style, color preferences, and even lifestyle. That is quite important because certain people might work specific corporate jobs that require a specific style of clothing.

The AI algorithms create recommendations for the onboard stylists, who then deliver them to the clients, keeping the human touch. Customers can pay for individual video consultations with stylists or shop the initial recommendations without the stylist's participation.

Another cool thing that Shahad has introduced to the platform is a new feature Amira, totally based on artificial intelligence. Amira analyzes personal data from clients to give quick and hyper-personalized suggestions using innovative machine learning algorithms. Customers can even communicate with Amira via ChatGPT and graphics, asking questions and seeking advice.

For example, if someone is looking for a dress for their sister's wedding in Japan, Amira will give many possibilities based on trends, weather, the customer's profile, and different data sets. How cool is that?

Businesses can even hop on board and integrate Amira onto their websites. In that way, they connect it directly to their inventory systems, making the feature a game changer for online merchants. 

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