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Saudi Doctor Praised As She Saves An Unconscious Passenger Aboard A Flight

Meet Dr. Awrad Mohammed Nasrallah, Saudi Arabian doctor who has been honored recently for treating a man who fainted aboard an Air Canada Flight.

“I was able to immediately intervene and provide him with first aid until he fully regained consciousness,” Nasrallah says in a talk with Arab News.

Due to her quick thinking and heroic act. Dr. Award was the recipient of a certificate of appreciation from the Saudi Cultural Attache in Canada. This award was a token of gratefulness for her ability to save the passenger, and to also recognize her as an excellent medical professional.

This was not Dr. Awrad’s first step into the spotlight, as she has always been accomplishing great things. The scholarship student is recognized as one of the top 20 doctors in Alberta, Canada, for her work in healing empyema, a lung condition.

Her achievements don’t stop there, as she is also one of the top 10 doctors in the surgery department at the University of Alberta, and she has also received Sr. Mark’s Award from the same university to honor her for her work as part of the general surgery team during the pandemic.

As for the actual happening on the plane, Dr. Awrad tells the story of how it all happens, “The patient was suffering hypotension so I administrated an IV fluid until he began to gradually regain consciousness.”

She continues on to explain, “We did not need to make an urgent landing and the Canadian aircrew in the plane was in direct contact with the medical staff on Canadian soil who approved my treatment plan.”

Being a medical professional, Dr. Awrad recognizes her obligation towards healing and treating humans, wherever they are and whatever medical help they may need, “I spent more than five years in Canada, and our message as doctors is clear: to serve all humans.”

“The cabin crew was grateful and thankful for the help I was able to provide,” she talks of the experience, “My studies in general surgery at the University of Alberta allowed me to deal with emergency cases.”

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