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Saudi Fashion Designer Amira Haroon Turning Heads

Amira Haroon 

Amira Haroon is a woman to be admired. The young Saudi born, Dubai-based fashion designer has made it to the big leagues. She wowed crowds at London Fashion Week last month and then double-wowed them a few weeks later with her Spring 2018 collection at the Freemansons’ Hall in Convent Garden in London. She was selected to enter London Fashion Week by the Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) and the Institute of Luxury, Fashion and Style Dubai (FAD). Haroon was very grateful for the opportunity, having had many shows in the Middle East but none so far in the UK.

Having grown up in Saudi Arabia and spending most of her life there and in Dubai, Haroon has taken the rich culture of the Gulf region as inspiration for her designs. The talented fashion designer studied fashion design at Parsons School of Fashion in Paris before moving back to the Middle East and launching her brand Amira Haroon in 2011. The style of Amira Haroon is a combination of the modern woman while still keeping traditional elements in there. Haroon thinks fashion is present in everyday life – on the streets, in cafes, on podiums, in offices and every day it helps creates confidence and helps shape a woman’s life.


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