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Egypt Fashion Week Just Debuted & Here’s What Went Down…

Egypt Fashion Week officially made its debut in the capital city of Cairo last week, leaving fashion aficionados in awe with its spectacular lineup of runway shows, panel discussions, and workshops. The event, which has been in the making for approximately four years, was titled, “Past, Present & Future” as it aims to celebrate Egypt’s rich heritage and civilization. The much-anticipated fashion week came to a close on 15th May 2023.


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Over 70 designers from all around the world showcased their latest lines, leaving industry insiders in attendance excited and impressed. The event’s various panel discussions, including Saudi Fashion Commission CEO Burak Cakmak’s insightful talk titled “The Vital Role of Councils and Support Systems” on 13th May, drew widespread commendation from attendees.

The event closed with a bang as the Mall of Arabia hosts a ‘Shop the Runway’ event on Monday, along with a final panel discussion titled “Stylists in Conversation.” The discussion featured Julie Matos, EFW head stylist, Maissa and Sahar Azab, Mai Galal, and Farah Baky.

EFW’s Design Studio by Azza Fahmy Hub was abuzz with excitement as it held workshops throughout the week, including a Silver Wire Wrapping Jewelry class. According to Egyptian Fashion & Design Council Susan Sabet, “The EFW program goes far beyond fashion shows and exhibitions and aims to connect the local, African and Middle Eastern markets through design, craftsmanship, education, sustainability, production and retail.”


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The event commenced with an opening night on May 12th at the Egyptian Museum, featuring the “Best of Egyptian Designers” fashion show curated by US stylist Julie Matos, followed by a luxurious gala dinner. The following two days were held at the Museum of Agriculture, which opened its doors for the first time after five years of renovation specifically for EFW.

The museum, which traces the history of agriculture and cotton in Egypt from prehistory to modernity, acknowledges agriculture as the foundation on which Ancient Egyptians built a civilization. The event truly lived up to its hype, bringing together an unparalleled showcase of design, creativity, and culture.

Egypt Fashion Week is a testament to the unwavering passion and commitment of its organizers to promote Egypt’s unique identity and cultural heritage to the world through the power of fashion. By bridging the gap between the local, African, and Middle Eastern markets, EFW is rapidly emerging as a global platform for designers, craftsmen, and artists to showcase their work, collaborate, and contribute to a more sustainable and vibrant fashion industry. With its outstanding success in its first edition, it is sure to leave an indelible mark on the fashion industry for years to come.

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