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Discover Some Of The Most Noteworthy Fashion Brands Owned By Arab Women

Discover the stunning fashion brands owned by Arabs that deserve your support. Their pieces are exceptionally beautiful and worth adding to your wardrobe. Don't miss out on the opportunity to shop from these brands and elevate your fashion game.

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Maha Ahmed's UAE-based brand emphasizes individuality with colorful prints and a daring aesthetic. It features a range of trendy designs such as blazers, asymmetrical trousers, patchwork tops, and vegan leather jackets. The brand also places importance on storytelling.

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This Moroccan label revamps high-end silk garments, typically reserved for formal events, into stylish modern pieces suitable for everyday wear.

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Darza Studio

Waad and Ahd Hammad, the founders of this Palestinian brand, pay homage to tradition and ancient art by creating modern handmade Tatreez designs in neutral tones that embody simplicity and celebrate heritage.

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Death by Dolls

Sara Al-Saud and her sister established a fashion brand that promotes women's empowerment and encourages self-expression through distinctive fashion choices. This label has gained immense popularity among high-profile individuals.

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Fyne Jewellery

Despite being born into a family of diamond merchants, Aya Ahmad opted to challenge tradition and venture into the male-dominated rough diamond trade. She identified a need for affordable, sustainable, and ethical diamonds, and set out to fill that gap.

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May Orfy, an Egyptian designer, founded Mayka, a modern women's clothing label in Dubai. Orfy's goal has always been to create attractive outfits at reasonable prices.

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Nour Aldahri

Nour Aldhahri's Saudi high-end fashion brand is focused on contemporary women, offering stylish and daring designs that are both comfortable and distinctive. Their specialty lies in crafting exceptional abayas.

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Rima Cherfane

Recognized for her sophisticated and glamorous contemporary fashion, Rima Cherfane, a Lebanese designer, appreciates both novel trends and luxurious aesthetics.

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Up Fuse is a Cairo-based sustainable fashion brand founded by three women who prioritize eco-friendliness and social responsibility. Through ethical production, the brand promotes a slow-fashion approach and supports local artisans and women in difficult circumstances. Their latest collection, the spring/summer 2023 line, includes vibrant designs like beach coverups, wraps, co-ord sets, and kimonos.

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Yassmin Saleh

Yassmin Saleh, who was born in Beirut and grew up in Abu Dhabi, offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories under her luxurious ready-to-wear brand.

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