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These Female Arab Artists Celebrated Vision 2030 With This Body Of Work

Gulf artists have come together in Riyadh to celebrate the accomplishments of the Saudi Vision 2030, in an event organized by the BMG Foundation and The Diplomacy of Art. The exhibition showcased the work of three talented artists - Rania Abulhasan, Najla Al-Saleem, and Lina Al-Ali - all of whom have interpreted the Vision 2030 through their creative mediums.

Since its establishment in 1997, BMG has been committed to fostering shared values between the East and West, with a particular focus on helping underprivileged communities around the world. Through organizing high-profile cultural events and supporting charitable causes, BMG has played a vital role in nurturing the artistic, musical, and sporting pursuits of future generations.

The Diplomacy of Art, a cornerstone of BMG's cultural calendar, has been instrumental in upgrading the Saudi modern art scene by providing a platform for renowned artists from around the world to display their works throughout the Kingdom. The exhibitions aim to inspire budding local artists and introduce art appreciation across Saudi Arabia.

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Najla Al-Saleem

Najla Al-Saleem, daughter of renowned Saudi artist Mohammed Al-Saleem, showcased her works inspired by megaprojects such as Diriyah, Qiddiya, The Line, Red Sea, and AlUla, along with the Saudi Green Initiative. She credits her father's influence as an artist for inspiring her to follow in his footsteps from a young age, participating in exhibitions around the world, including for UNESCO, and in countries such as China, India, and the US.

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Lina Al-Ali

Lina Al-Ali, Qatari artist and writer, focused on women in her paintings, connecting their presence to the future vision. Her emphasis was on the empowerment of the Khaliji woman, particularly the Saudi lady, aligning with the support for Saudi women and their role in society. Al-Ali is also a children's book author, with ten published books to her name.

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Rania Abulhasan

Kuwaiti national Rania Abulhasan, a visual artist with a background in design and art, displayed her thawb collection at the event. Her creations included traditional Khaliji garment fragments, as well as the "Zai" collection and five paintings representing different locations in Saudi Arabia.

Through their art, the three talented artists documented the cultural changes and transformations of the Vision 2030 projects, reflecting the local environment to the outside world. Their creative interpretations of the vision and its impact have given new meaning to the concept and a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty and culture of Saudi Arabia.

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