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Saudi Engineer Launches App To Help Citizens & Expats With Governmental Service Needs

Talk about a bureaucracy save!

A new app has been launched in Saudi Arabia, and its main goal is to help all residents, citizens and expats, work their way through their governmental service needs.

This interface was created by Fahd Alhazmi, a Saudi engineer and is called SaudiGovtGPT. It is the first Artificial Intelligence Platform that is made especially for people who live in the kingdom.

While talking to Arab News, the Saudi engineer tackled how technological and AI advancements have been roaring through the industry.

“What I really hope is that this new wave of applications will boost the investment into basic models. While we do have agencies that are (incorporating) AI in government, we haven’t yet seen a local model that can use and understand Arabic We do have the talent and resources (to do so),” he says to Arab News.

He continues on to explain the motive behind his recent creation, stating that, “A lot of people need an interface for the most basic things, or something they might be using daily. From my experience, friends and relatives have had issues with some of the government services, because there are a lot of services and ministries.”

If you’ve ever moved to a new country or had to deal with services in your own, you know how tough and tiring bureaucracy is, especially when you have to deal with several services and multiple entities. Well, SaudiGovtGPT eases the whole process through its language prediction model that creates text outputs using ML.

With 2000 governmental services, the platform until now can respond precisely to most of the queries, 70% to be exact.

“It’s been really incredible. I wasn’t anticipating this sort of reaction. This definitely speaks to a need in the market for such kinds of services. For a lot of people, it showcased what this new wave of AI applications can provide,” the engineer expresses his excitement.

He continues on to explain, “Most of these AI platforms, you’ll find in English, and this is probably one of the first ‘aha!’ moments for users to put something in Arabic and find some cool results.”

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