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Welcome To The Fitting Room: A Platform That Combines Fashion With Technology

Introducing The Fitting Room, a fresh Dubai-based creative community, designed to spotlight and empower regional fashion enthusiasts on a global scale launching on May 15th 2023. Currently, the new platform is available only in the Middle East, but plans to expand further to international markets soon. The Fitting Room serves to act as an interactive marketplace, connecting artisans from or based in the Middle East who value quality and originality, providing an online platform for the unmissable talent the Arabian Peninsula houses.

The Fitting Room started as a vision in 2013 by founder Shamlan Al Rifai, starting as a physical creative space, before undergoing a digital transformation in 2018 leading the brand to announce a momentous launch in 2023. The interactive shopping platform has the sole goal of redefining and revolutionising the fashion retail landscape, by prioritising the needs of its designer community with their shoppers’ senses of style. As part of the launch portfolio, The Fitting Room boasts a broad portfolio of men and women’s fashion, with brands including Clemantra, Elegance’s, The Shillah, Velroum, Hala Kastoun, State of Mind, KA-1 and Yehya Noutfaji.

Born with the purpose of nurturing and appreciating talents from the Arabian Gulf to make their mark globally, The Fitting Room provides all its designers with the tools to overcome the challenges the fashion industry presents, prompting their identity, establishing skills to help them thrive and accelerating growth through added inspiration. Beyond being a retail space for the region’s up-and-coming, the platform will connect designers with a range of suppliers and supporting their individual supply chains by curating courses and workshops too.

Valuing quality, integrity and talent, the world-class platform strives to create a unique and creative community which will enable a completely innovative and technologically driven marketplace for consumers. This calibre of inclusiveness, experience and uniqueness is an all new concept this region has yet to see. The Fitting Room will be sure to make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape by combining immersive technology with quality and premium clothing and accessories.

More information on The Fitting Room and its wide portfolio can be found on, with a bespoke showroom in Dubai Design District

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