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From Fear To Passion: Saudi Driving Instructor Thrives On Social Media

Rasha Zamzami, a driving instructor and social media sensation, has become an inspiration to women in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, encouraging them to face their fears and overcome obstacles with resilience. After a tragic accident, involving her niece, who was almost hit by a car, left her with a phobia of cars, Rasha was unable to sit in a vehicle without tightly gripping the seat out of terror or avoiding loud music.

However, her desire to become self-reliant as a single mother compelled her to conquer her fear and learn how to drive. With determination and perseverance, she went on to obtain a driving instructor license in Jeddah. She now shares her knowledge and experience with others on her TikTok account, Drive.Rasha, which has over 128,000 followers. Her informative clips promote safe driving culture and inspire her audience to take control of their lives.

Zamzami’s resilience and determined attitude has caught the attention of the automotive industry, who frequently collaborates with her on paid car campaigns, sponsorships, and advertisements. Her love for vehicles has transformed her fear into passion, allowing her to support her family, travel, and lead a good life relying only on herself and her abilities.

Despite her successes, Zamzami also has to battle keyboard warriors who try to belittle her choice of career. She has heard numerous remarks that women are incapable of operating a vehicle, that they are meant to stay in their homes, and that driving is not appropriate for all girls. However, she advises every woman to be resilient and to ignore such comments. “Women should fly, drive, and do their own thing,” she says. “They are heroes, not victims, and they should use their fears to their advantage.”

Rasha Zamzami’s story is a testament to the power of determination and resilience. Her journey from fear to passion is an inspiration to all women facing obstacles in their lives. She has proven that with the right attitude and mindset, anyone can conquer their fears and achieve their dreams.

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