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Did You Know Saudi Charity App Ehsan Records Over $1 Billion In Donations?

If you haven’t already heard about Ehsan, is it one of the first platforms in Saudi Arabia that enables a transparent donation journey for users. Charity, or otherwise known as zakat, is actually one of the biggest parts of Saudi society, as it is an fundamental part of Saudi Vision 2030, and is also one of the biggest pillars of Islam.

This platform was a national initiative, as it was launched by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence. Ehsan has been created 2 years ago, and recent reports state that a whopping $1 billion has been donated since its establishment.

These numbers are quite amazing, not only because of their immensity but also because of their charitable footprint. Around 5 million people were the receivers of these donations over the years.

This campaign comes in light of crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s ongoing support to enhancing the charity sector in the kingdom. This would include anything from efforts to organize its processes, create certain activities, and even sponsor it. Developing the sense of philanthropy in a country is directly connected to the improve of its society and the sense of altruism.

To ensure a truly transparent process, and to ensure that the money goes to the neediest, Ehsan operates on a vigilant basis. The platform itself is supervised by 12 government bodies, that altogether create a decision-making group.

As for the actual donation process, Ehsan works through people, business, and banks. It has a mobile application and a website on which individuals can get all their information from. There is also an option to get in touch with the call center and through specific accounts in the banks.

All in all, the charity sector in the kingdom is intrinsically part of the economical, social, and cultural fabric of society, as many initiatives and organizations around the country are established solely for that reason. The sector is quite diverse and offers helps to many communities and people in need. Services could include help in anything from healthcare, education, gender equality, housing, and humanitarian aid.

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