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Sofia Vergara Lends Her Recognisable Glitz To Promote The Luxury VIA Riyadh

On Monday, the Chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment, Turki Al-Sheikh, shared a video on Twitter featuring Sofia Vergara. In the video, Vergara can be seen arriving at the VIA Riyadh and expressing her frustration about her lost luggage. She then goes on to explore the high-end boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxury cinema located in the area. She encourages viewers to visit the VIA Riyadh and indulge in some luxurious activities, stating that it's the perfect place to shine like a star and treat oneself.

Vergara is not new to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as she had previously attended the Joy Awards in Riyadh in January 2023. During that same month, she also attended a football match between the select XI of players chosen from Al-Hilal and Al-Nassr, and Paris Saint-Germain in the Riyadh Season Cup. Vergara posted pictures from her day in Riyadh, and it was clear from the pictures that she had a fantastic day and was surrounded by fun people.

The VIA Riyadh boasts several high-end establishments, including restaurants, a cinema, and shopping outlets. Additionally, it is home to the Kingdom's first St. Regis Hotel. The area's design is based on the Salmani style, which took 20 months to construct. Following the six key ideals defined by King Salman, which include authenticity, continuity, human-centricity, livability, innovation, and sustainability, the designers sought to incorporate contemporary lifestyles while still recalling the regional character and architectural legacy of the Kingdom.

Overall, Sofia Vergara's visit to the VIA Riyadh and her recommendation for others to visit the luxurious area highlight the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to promote entertainment and tourism. The VIA Riyadh's impressive facilities, combined with its unique architectural style, provide an attractive destination for visitors looking to indulge in some luxury while also experiencing the local culture. 

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