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Meet Sarah Ghsoun, A Chief of Staff At the Saudi Ministry for Tourism

Another day, another trailblazing Saudi woman showing us how it’s done. This time we are delving more into the corporate world where we will look at one of the biggest names in the industry of strategic communication and business development.

Leading a team of 22 individuals, Sarah Ghsoun is the chief of staff for the special advisor for the Ministry of Tourism. Ghsoun’s achievements don’t stop there as she was part of the ministry’s participation in COP26, the International Climate Weeks, World Travel & Tourism Council, MENA Climate Week, and New York Climate Week.

Ghsoun comes from an esteemed academic background as she has completed an HBS Alumni Program of Leadership Development, a sort of accelerated alternative to an EMBA from Harvard Business School. As for her undergraduate studies, she has earned a Bachelor in English Literature and Art from King Saud University.

A true example of Saudi excellence, Ghsoun has occupied many well-regarded roles throughout her career from heading the communications department of one Alnahda Society to heading advocacy at Princess Al-Anood Foundation.

In her current job, she focuses on recruitment, development, and evaluation when it comes to the department’s strategies and projects. In addition to that, she also engages with top CEO’s international that work in the travel and tourism industry so they can visit Saudi Arabia.

However, this is not the first accolade she has earned, as Ghsoun’s career has spanned over 14 years with emphasis on strategic communication and business development. Her main skill is in progressing companies and entities to succeed through their execution of plans and strategies.

As a trailblazing figure in the Saudi corporate world, Ghsoun has transpired as a figure of empowerment for women. Her impressive career achievements speak for themselves, but other than that it is evident that her leadership skills and strategic vision have gotten her the recognition well deserved.

Her brilliant career trajectory is a demonstration of the limitless potential Saudi Arabia women have in shaping the business and corporate field of the kingdom.

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