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The Creme of PR: Leading Arab Female Trailblazers

The art of public relations lies in mastering relationships and communication with other people, and today we want to showcase the most influential Arab woman dominating this hard-to-navigate field.

Endowed with elegant savoir-faire, these ladies have left an impact on the industry and paved the way for many other professionals in the field. With their expertise, they have established themselves as visionaries ultimately molding the landscape in the region.

Be prepared to be motivated by their stories of innovation, as we dive into the creme de la creme of Public Relations and communications.

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Sarah Al-Ayed

One of the well-known communications consultants in Saudi Arabia, Sarah is a leading example when it comes to PR and Comms in the region. In 1998, she founded her company, TRACCS, of which she now is the Chief Strategy officer.

In an interview with, she was asked about what it takes for her to get to where she is now, she replied with: “I believe that I am a people’s person, I love working with people helping them develop and letting them see themselves from a different perspective. I believe personal development is key.”

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Ghada Othman Alrumayan

Hailing from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Alrumayan is the Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at ROSHN. Utilizing her all-encompassing experience in communications, Alrumayan has elevated ROSHN’s media strategy to promote the new communities, incorporating alternative channels.

As per true PR savvy, Alrumayan has created momentous sponsorship partnership with big names such as Formula 1 and the Saudi Pro League, to highlight ROSHN's brand reputation and messaging. Her expertise in PR and Communications has allowed her work to be a model for many professionals willing to enter the field.

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Mariana Wehbe

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Mariana Wehbe is PR and media professional that is well-known for her ability to produce world-class projects. Her impressive career has been ongoing for 15 years now, with prestigious names on her roster including DHL. In 2013, Wehbe went back to home country to establish her own Public Relations company.

Due to Wehbe’s amazing talent in fostering strategic partnerships, her company works with top-notch brands in various industries. Wehbe’s entrepreneurial and professional excellence are manifested in every deal made in her company, and most notably the much-applauded event created for McLaren Automotives, as acknowledged by McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt.

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Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi

Hind Abdul Hamied Seddiqi holds the position of Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Seddiqi Holding. The Emirati communication professional heads the creation of the marketing strategies in addition to managing all the communication plans and strategies.

Seddiqi is also the Director General of Dubai Watch Week, and with that role she has made a ground-breaking impact on the industry in UAE. Since the launch of the event, world-acclaimed brands have been part of it. When speaking in an interview about the role of women in this industry, she was very grateful for UAE to be able to provide opportunities for women in strong leadership roles.

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Radwa Allabban

Radwa Allabban, an Egyptian-British woman, quits her job working for a large company in London as she felt uncomfortable during her first pregnancy. After that resignation, she made a big step and moved to the UAE.

Now with 20 years of remarkable, wide-ranging experience, Allabban heads a communications agency in Dubai that is composed of an all-female team. With her strength, leadership, and knowledge, the company has managed to work with many high-profile communication impact projects, and namely UN Women. Her main professional focus is on non-profit organizations and alike sectors.

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Sawsan Ghanem

Sawsan Ghanem, one of the brightest names in Jordan, has more than two decades of experience in Public Relations and communications. Ghanem began her journey in communications by working with tech-centered PR agencies such as Emirates Aviation College, Victor Microsystems, and others.

She has also led regional campaigns for Microsoft, Compaq, Western Digital, and more. Her skill and talent have been quite notable in the industry as her portfolio boasts of prestigious names. In a bid to provide a diverse offering to the regional market, she co-founded her own company, Active, in 2003.

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