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An Inside Look Into Saudi Influencer Abeer Sinder's Life & Work

If you're not familiar with the name, Abeer Sinder is one of the top influencers from Saudi Arabia. She is the founder of her own business, an award-winning creator, and a role model for many women in the region.

“I am driven by the knowledge that girls look up to me — I feel the responsibility of promoting individuality and inspiring them to be true to themselves,” Sinder says in an interview with Arab News.

During that interview, she talks about different career milestones and how her work allows her to have the impactful path she has. Specifically, she talks about her recent campaign with MAC, and how proud she is to be a part of it.

Sinder talks about how happy she was that she was able to shoot in her own city with powerful and unique women. She also emphasizes how it allowed her to celebrate being herself, and to be able to show that to all her followers.

Sinder’s work main revolves around her own business, SNDR, and content creation. Her main drive behind content creation is the people that reach out to her, as she says the thing that keeps her going is the moment, “Someone reaches out to me and tells me that I was a part of the reason they’re more confident and that I showed them how to love themselves.”

Right now, Abeer is married to Liam Oneill, a strength and fitness professional, and has one toddler and is pregnant with her other child. However, that has not stopped her from pursuing her career and pushing forward.

Sinder talks about how the start of her career was a bit intimidating and scary for her to put herself out there in front of the strangers of the Internet. Throughout that process she says that she learned to build thick skin and trust herself she takes her career as a huge responsibility and that's why she tries every single day to be a positive influence.

We conclude this by a beautiful statement she mentioned that says, “What I hope they learn from me is self-love and self-acceptance, and to be confident and comfortable in your own skin, always.” 

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