GCC Food Instagrams That Will Make Your Stomach Rumble

Whether you’re going out or settling in at home for dinner, food in The GCC is delicious. Some of the best restaurants and recipes are right in our neighborhood, and these are the foodies who are bringing it all together so you can drool over food from the comfort of your own home.

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البسبووسه اللذييذه بصلصة الزعفراااان تبون الوصفه ؟

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This Kuwaiti cook knows how Gulf food is done. Her Instagram focuses on the best Saudi delicacies, and we can’t look through her photos without craving some good home cooking.  

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This blog won the 2016 Stylist Arabia Food Social Media, and it’s easy to understand why. Her photos of food in Dubai are carefully composed and vibrant, making sumptuous food feel fresh and healthy. It doesn’t hurt that her adorable puppy makes an occasional appearance!

@sukainarajbali, 82,100 followers

Sukaina Rajbali is a professional photographer who blogs about food and travel. Her photos are vivid and oh-so tempting. If only she would take us with her to these Dubai foodie hotspots! 

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The Instagram handle says it all – this account is all about food in Qatar. You’ll get reviews and photos of the most delicious food in the country, so the next time you can’t decide what to eat, check this out. 

@saudifoodwitheman, 25,800 followers


Watch my snapchat to see how I made this dish! Rice with tomatoes Saudi style!#saudifoodwitheman @saudifoodwitheman Rice with Tomato: INGREDIENTS: 500g Lamb Meat Chunks 2 Cup American Rice 1 Grounded Skinless Tomato 1 Medium Onion 3 Cinnamon Sticks 6 Cardamon Pods 4 Cloves 3 Pcs Mistik Gum 2 Tbsp Ghee Oil 2 Tbsp Tomato Paste RECIPE: 1) On medium heat, add ghee, Mistik Gum to pressure cooker and roast spices till you smell aroma. 2) Add onions till translucent. 3) Add drained meat cook till white. 4) Add rice, tomato purée, tomato paste and cook for 5 minutes. 5) Add 3 cups water, and cook on low heat for 1 hour. 6) Serve, garnish with cilantro and serve with Dugous as a side sauce. Dugous Tomato Side Sauce: INGREDIENTS: 1 Tomato 10 Strands Cilantro 1 Lemon 1 Garlic 1 Green Chili 1 Tsp Salt Pinch Black Pepper 1) Mix all together in a blender and serve in a bowl as side dish for the rice. المكونات: 500 قرام قطع للحم 2 كوب رز امريكي 1 طماطم مقشره 1 حبه بصله متوسط الحجم 3 اعواد قرفه 6 حبات هيل 4 حبات قرنفل(دارسين) 3 حبات مستكه 2 ملاعق اكل زيت سمن فارم 2 ملاعق اكل معجون طماطم الطريقه: 1)علي نار متوسطه نطع السمن،المستكه في قدر الظغظ الي ان تشم ريحتة المستكه. 2) نظيف البصل الين يدبل. 3) نظع اللاحمه الين يتغير لونها فاتح. 4) نظيف الرز، عصير الطماطم، ومعجون الطماطم ويترك 5 دقايق علي النار. 5) نظيف 3 كاسات ماء ويترك لمدة ساعه. 6)يقدم ويوظع الكزبره للتزين مع سلطة دقس. سلطة الدقس: المكونات: 1 حبه طماطم حمره 10 اعواد كزبره 1 حبه ليمون 1 حبه ثوم 1 حبه فلفل حار( اختياري) 1 ملعقه ملح شويه فلفل اسود 1)يخلط جميع المكونات في الخلاط ويقدم مع الرز كا طبق جانبي.

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Prepare yourself for intense cravings – this Saudi woman knows her stuff. Delicious Saudi food is made simple through her videos and easy-to-follow recipes. If you’re missing home and you’re sick of eating take-out, this is the perfect Instagram for you.

 Bonus: Our favourite up-and-coming food blogger, @bahrain.food.taster

These are the most delicious treats in Bahrain. This blog started only two months ago, so it’s still growing, but we love the delicious food photos and snack recommendations. 

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