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Calvin Klein Uses Arab Artists For A New Ad

Calvin Klein, a renowned American brand, has turned its attention to the Middle East by highlighting the region's local creative community in its latest campaign.

The campaign features three talented content creators from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, namely Lana Al-Beik, Mohammed Al-Ahbabi, and Hala Abdulla, all donning Calvin Klein jeans in various shots captured in Dubai.

With quotes from each of the main actors about a subject they are enthusiastic about, the campaign focuses on the individual viewpoints and distinct outlook on life of the lead actors.

Hala Abdulla is a prominent figure in the worlds of fashion and beauty who has a cool yet elegant style. She expresses her viewpoint on the term "empowerment" in relation to women's rights in the campaign. She thinks the expression is overused and that because women are naturally strong, "female empowerment" initiatives are not required. She recommends using an alternative term in place of "empowerment."

Mohammed Al-Ahbabi is an Emirati visual artist, photographer, and cinematographer with a minimalistic, modern style. Through his work, he displays his everyday life and sense of style, and in his spare time, he conveys himself artistically by writing or painting. In the advertisement, he makes remarks about the value of creativity, particularly when it comes to pursuing shared hobbies with family members and making happy memories.

Arab heritage, filmmaking, and narrative are all very important to the Palestinian-Syrian model Lana Al-Beik, who lives and works in Dubai. Through modeling and artistic endeavors, she passionately shares her interest in sharing the narrative of her people. She feels that being a part of a group that produces content and is active online can spark a shift.

The Calvin Klein campaign celebrates the creativity and diverse perspectives of the GCC's local community, with each influencer bringing their unique vision to the table. By featuring these talented individuals, Calvin Klein aims to highlight the region's rich cultural heritage and creativity. The campaign offers a fresh take on the brand's traditional image and aligns with the company's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. 

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