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Until Now 2 Saudi Brands Have Partnered With Georgina Rodriguez

What's Next?

If you've been anywhere online recently, then you have for sure seen Cristiano Ronaldo, his partner Georgina Rodriguez, and their cute little football team go around Riyadh and Saudi Arabia trying to explore their new home.

They have taken the Internet by storm with photos being snapped of them at every corner, Georgina posting on Instagram about her life in Saudi Arabia, and both of them attending several events in the region.

Other than making themselves at home, some major career waves have been made, and no it's not the international superstar footballer we're talking about.

As Cristiano Ronaldo has definitely been further building his career with the national Saudi football team, Georgina has been making moves as well. She has until now partnered up with two Saudi Arabian brands Amara Lenses and Laverne Perfumes.

For Amara Lenses, Georgina Rodriguez has been chosen as a brand Ambassador, as both her and the brand have taken to social media to announce the news.

“I’m so happy to be the face of Amara Lenses and it’s been wonderful to work with you,” she smiled in the Instagram video. This is a milestone for the brand as well, as this would have been the first international star to be in collaboration with them.


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The second brand that has snagged the Argentine influencer is the Saudi Arabian perfume label Laverne. For their new campaign, Georgina is shot in what seems to be a Arabesque setting, as she answers questions about what she thinks of her new home.

When asked about what she likes most about Saudi culture, she says that she feels “Very safe in this country and really appreciate its family values.”

The video continues in a question / answer format where Georgina talks about how powerful the Saudi desert felt when she visiting, stating that, ““I felt very happy to be able to connect with this heaven on Earth. The power and magic that is in the Saudi desert is incredible.”

This is just the beginning for the Riyadh-based influencer, as we are sure to see many homegrown collaborations coming up! 

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