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Saudi Band Celebrates Women Driving with a Sense of Humour

A band from Saudi Arabia decided to celebrate the new decree allowing women to drive in the best way they knew how - by creating a rocking cover song and video.

Most of Us, a rock band based in Jeddah, wrote the song Saudi Women Driving in order to highlight the positive nature of the move and to show that men as well as women supported the decision.

“The whole point was to celebrate the new legislation and the possibilities it brings not only for women but our society as a whole,” the band told the Saudi Gazette.

Rather than create a rebellious song, the band decided to take a fun approach and do a cover of the iconic 1968 hit Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

“We were inspired by the national and worldwide attention this decision had garnered, and we felt that it would be nice to support this and have our take on it in a manner that could easily resonate with both local and international audiences. The experience has been fun as is the case with all our videos and performances!”

The fun video begins with two of the band members being driven to their studio by a woman and includes snippets of women pretending to drive using a tambourine as a steering wheel. The lyrics of the song encourages women to take control of their lives and fully embrace this new right that they have been given.

“Yeah ladies go make it happen, take the wheel with a love embrace. No more driver Uber or taxi, to take you any place.”

It also playfully advocates for Saudi gender roles to be reversed, with women now being able to drive men around.

“Like a true Arabian girl, you were born to shine like a pearl. Now it's time to drive, drive me around."

The band is extremely positive about the rise of women’s rights in the kingdom and are excited about the opportunities it will bring for everyone. “[The decision is] Definitely a massive step forward, allowing jobs to be created and different industries to expand and flourish, women can now fully participate in and contribute to the Kingdom’s vision and national transformation plans.”

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