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Saudi Swaps Fashion For Sustainability

Swap shops are so fun.

The Saudi Fashion Commission is on a mission to promote sustainability and ethical fashion, and to achieve their goals, they are set to host the third edition of Swap Shop in Riyadh. This event will take place from 1st-5th April 2023 at Square 1’s ‘A Fashion House’ in Riyadh Boulevard City. The event is being held in collaboration with Sela and Cenomi Retail, and will be open to the general public from 9 pm to 1.30 am. During this time, guests will have the opportunity to swap pre-loved clothing and accessories for other used pieces or exchange them for new items provided by Cenomi Retail.

Through Swap Shop, the Saudi Fashion Commission hopes to educate consumers about the importance of creating a sustainable Saudi fashion scene. As stated by Burak Cakmak, the CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission, "As we work towards a sustainable future for the industry, we want to involve consumers in this journey and share with them the importance of circulating pre-loved clothing."

The second edition of Swap Shop, which was held at Fashion Futures 2022, saw a huge turnout with over 1,300 visitors, almost 1,000 people swapping clothes, and 5,500 items brought to the Swap Shop. This time around, the Saudi Fashion Commission hopes to see an even bigger turnout with more people joining in to support the cause of sustainable fashion.

The Swap Shop event is not only an opportunity for people to refresh their wardrobes sustainably, but it is also a chance for them to be part of a larger movement. The Saudi Fashion Commission's efforts towards creating a sustainable fashion industry is a step in the right direction, and events like Swap Shop play an important role in raising awareness and inspiring change.

With the third edition of Swap Shop just around the corner, fashion enthusiasts in Riyadh can look forward to an exciting opportunity to exchange, refresh, and renew their fashion choices while contributing to a greener and more ethical fashion industry.

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