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5 Influencers That Will Help You With Your Ramadan Fitness Routine

While Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staying active can be challenging while fasting, but it is essential for both physical and mental health. Here are 6 inspiring fitness influencers who we follow, and who have helped us with our fitness routines during this holy month. Their advice will not only help you maintain your fitness level, but also help you feel motivated throughout the month. Check them out:

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Zehra Allibhai

Zal Libhai's fitness profile show content that range from home workout to healthy recipes. Inspiring her followers to achieve their fitness goals, she always posts her workout and challenges which you can find in her Instagram highlights and YouTube channel. Check out her amazing recipes as well for Ramadan snacks, such as this Quick Pita Bites 

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Saman Munir

Saman Munir is a fitness influencer who focuses on strength and conditioning. Her journey is quite inspiring as she shows that age plays no role in how fit and healthy you chose to be. Saman even states that she feels stronger at 42 than she used to at 20! Check out this post where she shares her top Ramadan tips:

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Maymah is an athlete who shares her journey so authentically that we feel like she’s just talking to us!. She is an advocate for body positivity and realistic training goals, especially during Ramadan. 

And in the wise words of Maymah, “Like I’ve been saying it’s the month of getting a spiritual six pack <3”.

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Stronger with Dina

Stronger with Dina is a fitness page run by Dina, a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her focus is on helping her clients achieve their goals through customized workout plans and healthy eating habits. She gives a lot of tips for Ramadan, including this very helpful post:

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Tanya Hossain

Tanya Hossain is a fitness influencer who promotes a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of both physical and mental health.

She shares her workouts, recipes, and self-care tips, inspiring others to lead a healthy and happy life. Tanya is so real and fun to watch that you feel like your friends is giving you tips.

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