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The 7 Coolest Design Hacks To Uplift Your Space

Coming from several professionals’ forecasts for 2023’s best design trends to integrate in your house, we have rounded up a couple of hacks you can implement. Here's what you need to do to uplift your space.

Sage Green

@alexandriaparis_ Replying to @meganjamesjohnson Best sage greens for 2023! #homedecorlovers #diyers #fixeruppersoftiktok #wallpaints #greenwalldesign #greenpaints #wallpaintideas #wallpaintcolors #sagewalltips Clouds - Luke Faulkner

Sage green provides an element of tranquility and relaxation to interior, and it’s one of the best colors this year. It can be as big as panting your doors or walls, or as small as introducing a rug or a throw into your living space.


@thediymommy What to you think of this Japandi inspired piece? #tiktokdiy #learnontiktok #upcycle Get Low - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

One of the design trends that are taking this year is Japandi. It's a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design principles, so minimalism to the core. There are tons of DIY Japandi design elements you can include in your space, this has to be one of our favorites!


@graceful_designs_diy Did you know this thrifting tip??#furnitureflip #thriftingtips #thrifttok #diytips #thriftedfurniture #antiquefurniture #ForzaHorizon5GO original sound - ALTÉGO

You’ve probably seen this everywhere and it is just the coolest thing. Why? Because we’re being trendy and good to the environment. Go out there, scout out your closest vintage shop and buy an antique piece. We guarantee it will instantly add character and personality to any room.

Small Lights

@flynnhodgson Interior tip #1 Placing small lamps behind your indoor plants really make their silhouettes pop! #interiordecorating #interiordesign #interiortips #livingroomdecor #indoorplants #homedecorating #lamps #lightingideas Toi Et Moi - Paradis

Adding small light behind plants or other large objects really make their outlines pop. It doesn't only stop at plants you can simply buy a sticky tape light from Amazon or any other accessible ecommerce website and stick it behind your couch to kind of give it this popping light.

Heavy Veined Marble

@smillagrundholm Obsessed with this table#trending #diy #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #diymarble #diymarbletable #diyfurniture #diyfurnituremakeover #makeoverroom Jungle - Emma Louise

Heavy veined marble is not going anywhere for the next couple of years. While some people have had marble on their kitchen islands for so long, fret not, it’s still in style. Here is a cool hack we saw that can turn your old table into a marble one!

Organic Forms

@alichristinainteriors The organic trend has taken the interior design world by storm and is extremely popular due to its calming & cozy nature. Materials such as wood, cotton, clay, wicker, and greenery are key elements for a smooth organic environment. Stay tuned for more 2023 Interior Design Trends! #organicdesign #interiordesign #2023designtrends #organichome #designfeature #designstyle original sound - Ian Asher

Organic for your spaces means lots of curves and lots of soft shapes, whether it’s in your furniture, your art pieces, your vases, or anything else. Those soft lines add a human touch to your home, while still giving off trendy vibes.

Textured Art

@fanny.wie textured art on canvas first try) #doityourself#diy#diyideas#canvas#texturedart#fypシ#foryou#foryoupage Sure Thing (sped up) - Miguel

We've been seeing (and loving!) textured art for years and years now, and it still is going strong. It’s the perfect fusion of calming and dramatic at the same time. Also, you can make it your own little art project at home with your friends or family ! Check out this DIY. 

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